zagreus and dusa
Zagreus attempts to try and escape the dark abyss time and time again, becoming stronger with items and weapons following each attempt. The secrecy around Dusa's former life and her claims that she was a very different person when she had a body imply that she might very well be the head of the infamous Medusa. When Zagreus has a conflict with Nyx, I fully expected him to show resentment toward her for being party to his deception. He is mostly faced with various aggressive shades working for his father, but he also has run-ins with the Furies (Megaera, Tisiphone and Alecto) and the skeletal remains of the Lernean Hydra. Cheers to our heroic, Adjusted animation and presentation after a successful escape attempt after the true ending, Added several names to Community Contributors and Special Thanks in the Credits, Fixed various additional crashes reported by players, Fixed cases where you could give gifts to, Fixed cases where you could not interact with. We stan emotionally mature king. Both options have the same outcome, and there are no consequences. Persephone: For most of his life, Zagreus was unaware of his mother's existence or relation to him, having been led to believe that Nyx was his mother instead. Dusa often becomes flustered whenever he talks to her. He supports Zagreus's escape attempts and expresses pride in his progress. She crushes hard on Zagreus and it’s honestly too cute for words. If given Nectar, Dusa will give you the Harpy Feather Duster. The secrecy around Dusa's former life and her claims that she was a very different person when she had a body imply that she might very well be the head of the infamous Medusa. “Something Jen cares a lot about as an artist. He is affectionate towards Zagreus, and is quite mournful when he leaves. She is quite proud, and if you've ever looked on your reflection in our countertops, then you'd agree she has good reason.'. She crushes hard on Zagreus and it's honestly too cute for words. For instance, there’s this idea of heroic nudity that dates back to ancient Greek art, and culture, and it’s something we explored as part of developing the look of the game. Nyx: Though Zagreus is initially shocked to learn that Nyx is not his biological mother, he was understanding, and they remained on good terms. Dusa You may think she’s unromancable when you first meet her because she’ll disappear out of her shyness, but eventually she comes around. Zagreus must help her bring the lounge up to Nyx's standards by using the House Contractor to complete a minimum of 12 Lounge-focused renovations, which must include at least one rug for the area as well as cleaning up Cerberus's fur and the scratches he left in the floor. Hades is available for the Nintendo Switch and PC. Then there’s Megaera, who brings out the “please step on me” energy in a lot of us.


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