afrikaans names for boys
Jacomie, pronounced as ‘yah-ko-meeh’, is a feminine form of James and means ‘supplanter’. It means ‘beloved’. Saartjie derives from the Hebrew name Sarah, meaning ‘princess’. Abebi is a traditional Afrikaans name, meaning ‘we asked and got her’. Expecting a baby boy? Zonja is the Afrikaans form of Sophia and means ‘wisdom’. Here are more than enough options for you to select from. All rights reserved. It means ‘behold, a son’. It means ‘noble’. This spelling of Lodewikus, the Afrikaans form of Ludovicus, is inspired by the Dutch spelling Lodewijk. While the rest of the world uses Junior as the nickname, South Africans prefer it as a first name. If you like the name Lucia, but cringe at the fact that it’s too common, you can consider Afrikaans name Lesedi, which means ‘light’. There are some French and German influences as well, and some other cultural influences too, including some African languages, but the vast majority have their roots in the Dutch language used at the time. Brunelda, the Afrikaans form of Brunilda, is frequently used in South Africa. Wilhelmina, meaning ‘helmet or protection’, will fit well in the category of longer and unique names. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. Aitan is technically a variant of the Biblical name Ethan and means ‘strong or fights of possession’. Imka, the Afrikaans form of Ime, sounds like a continental classic. The musical and slightly unusual form of Hanna means ‘grace’. Marelize is a modern invented name, created by using the Afrikaans suffix ‘ize’. Mischa, a form of Mikhail, was a true blue boy’s name until Mischa Barton of “The OC” appeared. Ade means 'crown, Hebrew - ornament of God; Arabic - Being Just, Honest, A variant of name Adil. Theolinde, meaning ‘people or soft’, has a long and honorable pedigree. A name that probably needs no introduction, Elize is Afrikaans form of Elise and means ‘consecrated to God’. The name Bibi is often reserved for the daughter of the king. Over the years, it has evolved by incorporating other languages like Portuguese, Malay, and a few of the Bantu languages. READ ALSO: Thandeka Dawn King biography: children, husband, age, Uzalo MaNgcobo. Either way, it’s a really cool name. Skylar, a name with a hippie flair, means ‘fugitive’. Elzebe is one of the least common variants of Elizabeth, meaning ‘consecrated to God’. Janco is the Dutch-Hungarian form of John and means ‘Jehovah has been gracious’. Cazimira is the feminization of Casimir and means ‘destroyer of peace’. Or do you simply find these names cute? This Afrikaans moniker signifies the most powerful emotion in the world – ‘love’. This multicultural name, meaning ‘high tower or woman of Magdela’, is both simple and exotic. This Mexican name, meaning ‘fifth born’, is generally used for the fifth girl in the family. Thys is equivalent to the name Thijs, which means ‘gift of Yahweh’. see the pronunciation key for a guide on how to write the sounds; sounds can only be searched in names that have been assigned pronunciations Afrikaans baby boy name Ajayi, meaning ‘born face down’, is generally given to baby boys who are born face down. Johan, pronounced as ‘yo-Han’, means ‘God is gracious’. This Dutch variant of Christian makes a bold statement of faith. Shakir is an Arabic origin name, meaning ‘grateful’. The name Dawie is related to Hebrew name David and means ’beloved’. One of the most used names in South Africa, Sebastian means ‘person from the ancient city of Sebasta’. A list of submitted names in which the usage is Afrikaans. It means ‘home of the king’. Africa has various beliefs and cultures. Fascinated by this language and want your kid to have an Afrikaans' name? Vivette is either a form of Vivienne or an independent name, meaning ‘alive’. Trudene is a sincere and bright-eyed name, meaning ‘spear of strength’. Beautiful names, aren't they? Mattys, a form of Matthis, has survived the modern times solely because of Afrikaners. The name Liandri, meaning ‘precious gift’, displays exactly what babies are to their parents. Zander, a diminutive of Alexander, has been on the rise as a standalone name. It means ‘acceptance’. Nope, Isebel isn’t derived from Isabel, but has its origin in Jezebel, which means ‘not exalted’. Anika, meaning ‘sweet-faced’, is a sweet name too. Happy naming! If you have a water sign baby, name him Kai, which means ‘sea’. Elize – An Afrikaans form of Elise which simply means “consecrated to … Anja is the Afrikaans variant of Anne and means ‘grace’. Berhane is a lilting and rhythmic Afrikaans name, meaning ‘my light’. Rylond is Afrikaans spelling for Reynold and means ‘counselor or ruler’. Nelius is the Afrikaans form of Cornelius and means ‘horn’. This sweet name, meaning ‘from the province of Lorraine’, is ripe for reconsideration. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. A perennial favorite in South Africa, Daniël means ‘God is my judge’. It means ‘pledged to God’. Estie is the diminutive of Ester, which is the simplified spelling of Esther, meaning ‘star’. Minenhle is a Zulu origin name, meaning ‘beautiful day’. The name Luan means ‘lion’ in Afrikaans and ‘justice, fair, transparent’ in Vietnamese. Mardene is either a variant of Mardena or a combination of Martine and Mardi. The name Akpena, meaning ‘thanks to God’, is chosen by parents to thank the Almighty for their baby girl. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. A name with several pop culture references, Kayla means ‘crown or laurel’. While Kezia is waiting for emancipation in America, it’s variant Kesiah is used in full force in Afrikaans speaking countries. Fabunni is a sophisticated Afrikaans name, meaning ‘God has given me this’.


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