barbara bouchet nxivm
Everyday-people would go in and take a workshop and it was life changing…, I developed and created Vanguard Week as an annual conference more so than to celebrate his birthday…, Keith was a very dynamic person, soft-spoken, engaging… funny…He could play the piano…, Was he smart? Barb is a victim. Today, the public knows that Nxivm is a criminal enterprise. They may have suborned perjury. This is not a heroine. Out of curiosity, when were you involved with this prick? After Raniere swindled her out of a million dollars I would think that money would be her issue. Come back and join us now Barbara. Barbara Bouchey helped build Nxivm. She went time and again to law enforcement to try to gain their interest. And through the lawsuits leveled against her, she brilliantly revealed colossal revelations – stupendous facts of depravity and mind-boggling lunacy, idiocy, cupidity perpetrated by Raniere and Bronfman. She endured at least six civil lawsuits filed by NXIVM and/or the Bronfmans. My personal belief is that a Eastern European man is enjoying the money. Love is *always* manifested in action. These were wars of attrition, terror by litigation, directed by Raniere, where they outspend you a thousand to one. He sells insulation now and his wife whines and acts like they are the victims. Among those who fought, she fought as hard as anyone. She loves Keith and is still in love with him. I’d say the good that came from it, is exemplified in how she left! I’d feel sorry for what he has become and would wish rectification and reform upon him but judging from his own words and actions, he obviously has no sense of remorse. Maybe someday she will re-join him – Haha! In addition to unnecessarily admitting that you are complicit in a number of criminal activities – kind of like when you voluntarily admitted that you decided to access NXIVM’s website several months after Toni Natalie, Joe O’Hara and John Tighe had been arrested for allegedly doing the same thing – you also managed to sing the praises of the cult and Keith Raniere. Did you have a go on little Keith’s penis Pea? In the same way that religions receive tax free status due to them supposedly providing a public good that is never quantified. Even though Barbara Bouchey did a lot to expose NXIVM and Raniere, How sad. She loves him. To come home every day/night to one devoted man with whom they can go to bed with every night. “The trial is in January” Pea Onyu What I observed was he is a very intelligent man who was very skilled at many things…, I thought I was the only one and his soul mate for a good year…I found out about someone…[he had sex with a couple times a year as a teacher-student sexual relationship]…I only knew about a few of them [that he had sex with]. If the US government can not destroy ISIS, then it can not destroy NXIVM. Maybe she can now counsel him on Handling Adversity with Grace. Knowing he was a liar and cheating on his so called SOUL MATE for years. Some are fond of telling and retelling their narratives – rewriting a little more each time – of how they fought and survived. NXIVM was so life-changing and profound. I asked hoping that Barb would answer this. When he tried to create problems for Barb, she fought back. ), run errands and clean house for Keith, do Keith’s dirty and illegal work, and go to bed every night knowing the pretty young recruit is the one wrapping her legs around Keith’s pudgy body instead her. It was her issue. Barbara Bouchey helped build Nxivm. Nancy still resides in Halfmoon. IMO, anybody saying how great NXIVM is still has serious mental issues from their involvement with it. Well, your spiritual husband will be in jail for many decades. You are definitely the most polite troll that has ever lived…, “Yolanda Cortez, That old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words greatly underestimates the value of the picture at the top of this post. And her MONEY issue was, he took all of her hard earned stash (maybe for retirement?) I don’t think many of us knew how tirelessly she worked to get the truth out; nor were we aware of the extreme challenges she faced while doing so. She, who was once his lover, got the brunt of Keith’s hatred and Clare’s lust for punishing others. Today, Bouchey seems to be steering clear of public life, but she's taken the time, in the past year or so, to share more details of her story with the media and the public. It is good that you saw the light. Does Mr. Raniere owe that to the Bronfman sisters and if so does he have to pay it back? These were not unfounded criticisms, but there were few who defended what she did that was actually good. Barbara never saw the light or left for any noble reasons. She described the community of Nxivm  – of Nxivm Village in Clifton Park – as, at one time, kind of a Camelot. Further, I believe Keith cruelly used the desire for and expectation of a mutually exclusive relationship (at some point) with him — or with the fantasy of who he pretended to be — to manipulate many of his paramours at least initially. Why? You were probably once a lovely person. And Keith messed them up so badly that they can’t even see that. She recruited hundreds because she believed in it, and was the social engineer of much of what was good, or could have been good in the community of Nxivm – like volleyball and social gatherings and V-Week. My money is on Bouchey is now trying to paint a pretty picture of LaLa land just to improve her image. In the end, I think Barb would have had a good chance at surrendering to Raniere and disappearing quietly by simply giving up her request for the return of her money and turning over some 17 boxes of evidence to Bronfman and Raniere. Question for Pea Onyu: Does it hurt when you pee? Creepy. Because of her, in large part, Nxivm recruitment ended in the Albany area and in America on any meaningful scale. The story of Barb and Nxivm is a sad one, pathetic in ways. A boastful charlatan telling you he’s a genius. But unlike many victims, she fought back and transcended her role as victim to become an avenger. That didn’t answer the question did it? And sales and marketing material and helping to train people…. It’s OK, it’s a slow week for the report. ONLY three? What you call a “disintegration” is what normal people call infidelity. She could have surrendered. This much is fact: She came into Nxivm trying to do good; she stayed loyal until she realized Keith was incorrigible. It’s sad, really. Today I woke up feeling nauseated and very anxious. Then I went back and re-watched the Megyn Kelly show and realized that all he did is repeat things that you had actually said. The government isn’t necessarily going to be there to protect you from your own foolish choices. Maybe Barbara is the strong one. Given Keith’s propensity (or need — given his creative authenticity deficits) to not only plagiarize but pervert original material, I’d be very careful about what “goodies” you snatch from the NXIVM technology in any new venture as well as your claims to the media that you, not Keith, were the intellectual property thief.


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