barbara cress lawrence
Also, he said, if anybody deserved a pat on the back it was Lawrence. A Minnesota woman who died at the age of 80 last week will not be missed by her family, who let the public know in a biting obituary. The Department of the Treasury is an equal opportunity provider and employer. "That had been a real sticking point at the time," Cress Lawrence said. It's a fitting epilogue to a man who upon his graduation from Englewood High School at age 16, the youngest member of his class, had told his family that his goal was "to be useful to mankind. THIS INSTITUTION IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY PROVIDER. "I'm happy," Barbara Cress Lawrence said of the memorial honor as she flipped through some old files and Duncan looked through the photos. Oberg also has never met Lawrence's widow or the rest of his family. "Maybe after this, people will be more apt to do the right thing, that's my hope.". Aspirations of one day taking a stroll among the stars or cruising the galaxy are not all that far-fetched these days. "Being a part of the space program was tremendously significant for Bob, particularly because he was African-American and we were living in the '60s, and there was this assumption that African-Americans were just not qualified to be pilots, astronauts or anything else of note. And even the age-old question of whether there is life on other planets doesn't seem so out of this world. Lawrence was killed; the student survived, but with numerous injuries. Lawrence and his wife, Barbara Cress Lawrence, have one son, Tracey.Major Robert Lawrence was an Air Force test pilot assigned to the Manned Orbiting Laboratory Program (MOL). So it wasn't much of a surprise when Lawrence entered Bradley University in Peoria in 1952 and joined the Air Force ROTC program there. You may still contact us via email, telephone and other correspondence. "Bob and Betty were friends, so she knew when she heard about it that it was Bob," Cress Lawrence recalled fondly. © Copyright 2020, The Astronauts Memorial Foundation, All Rights Reserved. In the meantime, at Lawrence Elementary School, a display case holding a 2-foot-tall photo of a smiling, uniformed Lawrence, as well as two old flight suits and other memorabilia, stand as his monument. Space shuttles are launched all the time. But for Lawrence, born Oct. 2, 1935, an African-American growing up in Chicago in the days before civil rights and the space program, such flights of fancy existed only in movies and comic books. Lawrence's meteoric rise was short-lived. But now, after nearly three decades of letter writing, phone calls, angry editorials and a letter from the Secretary of the Air Force, Lawrence, who forsaked his love of classical piano for the wild blue yonder, finally will be put among the fallen stars.


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