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In drilling, it’s all about pressure and resistance. It's especially expensive when you factor in all of the cost of deep-bore oil extraction, including the energy expended to do it and the amount of contaminated process water. 35.31N 99.19W: In 1994, it, too, well ahead of German-KTB Oberpfalz. Apparently, 12 kilometers was the maximum at the time before technical difficulties related to pressure, resistance, and heat became overwhelming. The drilling was done with the largest land based drilling rig in the world. And then, this year, someone called out all the media who carried the Fuel Fighter infographic on their mistake. We know because of the deepest hole drilled by humans into the Earth’s crust. The well was plugged back and completed in the Granite Wash from 11,000 to 13,200 feet as a natural gas producer. The Burj is a meager 2,722 feet tall by comparison. The Kola superdeep borehole, drilled in Russia’s Far East during the ‘70s and early ‘80s, was drilled simply to see how far into the ground we can go. If it's that water boiling hot deep down the well, why not turn it into geothermal energy generator? Using specially designed extra-wide pipe, GHK and partner Lone Star Producing Company began drilling in November 1972, averaging about 60 feet per day. 1 in Washita County, drilled in 1971 to 31,441 feet, was then the world's deepest well. Residential Heating Oil Prices Slumped By 28% This Season, Oil Prices Plunge 5% As Demand Fears Intensify, Oil Rally Stalls On Larger Than Expected Crude Inventory Build, Oil Prices Rise As Another Storm Rocks U.S. Gulf Coast, BP Beats Forecasts To Return To Small Profit In Q3, Washington Slaps More Sanctions On Iranian Oil Sector, Mexican Energy Minister: Pemex Is Open To Working With Foreign Oil Companies, Venezuela’s Oil Stocks On The Rise As Exports Fall. What synergies forget have with Solar Panels and Wind Tirbines ? In 1974 the Lone Star Producing Company was drilling for oil in Washita County in western Oklahoma. And the grass has clearly another color in the surrounding area, so I believe its very plausible that there used to be an oilfield. Bertha Rogers Ultradeep oil well drilled in Washita County (Oklahoma, USA) in 1973-1974. This was the Rig that drilled the Bertha Rogers location. The production well, referred to as O-14, was completed in 2017 by Rosneft and Exxon, beating five previous world records for deepest wells, all drilled at the same field: Chayvo. He was the driller for Laughlin Drilling Rig 32. Total cost of the well was between 6.000.000 and 7.000.000 US$ depending on the source. In 1983, the drill passed 12,000 m (39,000 ft), and drilling was stopped for about a year for numerous scientific and celebratory visits to the site. During drilling, the well encountered enormous pressure – almost 25,000 psi (172,369 kPa). The Bertha Rogers No. How much switching to an electric vehicle could save you. “Impressive” is too weak a word for these kinds of depths. Irina is a writer for with over a decade of experience writing on the oil and gas industry. My father name Buster Trout. How Will Clean Energy And EVs Fare Under The Next U.S. President? Do you know if your father drilled on Bertha Rogers? The newest well at Chayvo extends deeper into the ground than planes can fly in the air. How Will Energy Markets React To The Election Outcome? How deep into the ground are we able to go? After all, the purpose of Rosneft and Exxon was to pump oil, not see how far they can go into the ground: a feat in which serious challenges abound. The Lone Star Producing Company 1–27 Bertha Rogers hole or well was an oil-exploratory hole drilled in Washita County, Oklahoma in 1974, and was the world's deepest hole[2] until it was surpassed in 1979 by the Kola Superdeep Borehole, dug by the USSR. As I think the author hints,, don't become too infatuated with the technology because it's expensive. The remaining oil reserves we have are deeper and harder to find, not just in Russia’s Far East. U.S. Presidential Elections Status - Electoral Votes, Aviation Claims—Truth, Spin and Deception (And How to Tell The Difference), The Green Hydrogen Problem That No One Is Talking About. The Tiber well’s depth - true vertical depth - was more than 35,000 feet. Much appreciated! Majors Oil COs diversify into Renewables ? The Lone Star Producing Company 1–27 Bertha Rogers hole or well was an oil-exploratory hole drilled in Washita County, Oklahoma in 1974, and was the world's deepest hole until it was surpassed in 1979 by the Kola Superdeep Borehole, dug by the USSR.. There is a difference between a well’s actual vertical depth and the total depth of a well that is drilled first vertically and then at an angle from the vertical hole. Related: U.S. Shale Growth To Flatline Within 2 Years. Ten years ago, the latest data from the Energy Information Administration shows, the average depth of U.S. exploration oil wells was almost 7,800 feet. 35.29007N, 99.168485W: So, if not the O-14, which oil well is the deepest in the world? It is simply not the same as the “true vertical depth” that would have lent credence to all those amazing comparisons with buildings and flight heights. How deep into the ground do we have to go to tap the resources we need to keep the lights on? This is called directional drilling and is increasingly popular in the oil and gas industry. Unfortunately, not all news sources on the internet are familiar with it, so if you Google “the world’s deepest oil field”, the top results will tell you it’s either the O-14 or one of its Chayvo predecessors. The standard commercial airline flight height is 39,000 feet. So, the deepest oil well in the world is not actually the world’s longest, and that’s fine. Nothing contained on the Web site shall be considered a recommendation, solicitation, or offer to buy or sell a security to any person in any jurisdiction. Learn how to navigate energy markets. [3], According to publicly available well records from the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, the Bertha Rogers hole ceased production of natural gas in July 1997 and has since been plugged and abandoned. The deeper you go, the hotter it becomes as you approach the Earth’s mantle, which, near its border with the crust, can reach temperatures of 1,000 degrees Celsius or 1,832 degrees Fahrenheit. How do we know? But is the O-14 really 49,000 feet deep? Sadly they only mostly agree with each other: A 2017 infographic from Fuel Fighter offered some impressive context for the supposedly massive depth of the Rosneft/Exxon well. In the process, the firm created the “Bertha Rogers hole” – a man-made marvel that reached over 31,400 feet, or nearly six miles, below the surface of the earth. The drilling was started October 25, 1972 and it took Lone Star a little over a year and a half to reach 31,441 feet (9,583 m) on April 13, 1974. The Loffland Bros. Rig 32. The first oil well drilled in Texas in 1866 was a little over 100 feet deep: the No 1 Isaac C. Skillern struck oil at a depth that, from today’s perspective, is ridiculously shallow. The drilling stopped April 13th 1974, after 504 days of drilling, when they hit a pocket of molten sulfur that melted the drill bit.During drilling they encountered temperatures up to 246 degrees Celcius, and 24.850 psi of pressure. We might see some day a well whose true vertical depth is indeed almost 50,000 feet. To make matters more interesting, there is also the issue of higher temperature deep in the ground. The Loffland Bros. Rig 32. On 6 June 1979, the world depth record held by the Bertha Rogers hole in Washita County, Oklahoma, United States, at 9,583 m (31,440 ft) was broken. The materials provided on this Web site are for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to provide tax, legal, or investment advice. And that’s not all. The drilling was done with the largest land based drilling rig in the world. Unfortunately we haven’t got the precise location (please post a comment if you do), but according to the United States Geological Survey its very close to Clinton Sherman Airport and Burns Flat in Washita County, Oklahoma.EDIT: Thanks Hallvor for supplying coordinates for the well. It took the bore cuttings 8 hours to reach to surface, while drilling. The main target depth was set at 15,000 m (49,000 ft). The short answer is no, because there is one little catch: directional drilling. 1 well, which sought natural gas almost six miles deep in Oklahoma’s Anadarko Basin. “Bertha Rogers pushed the technology envelope even further.” A 1974 souvenir of the Bertha Rogers No. The Lone Star Producing Company’s oil exploratory hole, Bertha Rogers, was 9.583 metres deep, and the worlds deepest hole between 1974 and 1979, where the Soviet Union broke the record with the Kola Superdeep Hole. These are the sort of questions that spur invention and lead to groundbreaking discoveries. 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