best gundam games
A third-person action game where players collect, build, customize, and fight gunpla (plastic models of giant mechs called mobile suits). Released in 1979, Mobile Suit Gundam sparked a… This list is based on ProfessorOtakuD2’s video. I've been writing for a few different game sites for nearly two years. When that’s the main feature of their mobile suit what’s the full draw? Mobile Suit Gundam Side Stories is a PS3 Gundam game with 6 HD remade Gundam games and one new original game. Fighting games? This is pretty much the nastiest mobile suit of its time, and it deserves its spot on the list because it’s super awesome. It carries a big honking scythe that’s invisible to radar and only takes cool Edgy damage when it gets wrecked. This is less of an overhaul like the Mark 2 and more of a refinement keeping the elegance of the original design but adding more interesting flourishes. Extreme VS-Force brings many of Sunrise's beloved Gundam Mobile Suits to the Vita with several newcomers outside the arcade such as the AGE-1 from "Mobile Suit Gundam AGE" and the G-Self from "Gundam Reconguista in G". At this point, mobile suits were being built bigger to house all their various and strange kits and the new Gundam was just about the biggest fellow on the block. As opposed to previous games in the series, Battle Destiny focuses exclusively on SEED's Cosmic Era universe. Do you prefer single player or mutiplayer play? And I'm a big fan of voicing and discussing opinions on gaming, movies, and other interests I have. Debuts include Gundam 00V and the Asemu arc of Gundam AGE. VITA. A new Gundam side story set during the One Year War. Loaded question. I've been meaning to pick up a Gundam game for a good while. Press J to jump to the feed. Gundam Breaker 3 I would consider the best modern gundam game, But if you want What I consider the best mech game ever, buy Zone of the Enders the 2nd Runner for PS4. It’s turn based strategy and I recently got the last version that was available for the PS4 so I’d probably say it’s worth getting if your into strategy games. Extreme VS-Force brings many of Sunrise's beloved Gundam Mobile Suits to the Vita with several newcomers outside the arcade such as the AGE-1 from "Mobile Suit Gundam AGE" and the G-Self from "Gundam Reconguista in G". It has the most beautiful opening of any Gundam game, IMO, the gameplay was really interesting and the vast amount of characters amazed me. Interestingly enough the final form of the lightning Gundam is the lightning Zeta Gundam which means that it technically takes a step back in Robo suit design. But nobody ever forgets which one that Turn A is. Side Story 0079 was the best on Dreamcast. Coming in at an 8.1, this series feels like the perfected version of Gundam Wing. This machine had a mega beam cannon, Beam rifles, a beam shield, harsh language, sharp sticks, supersonic ball Busters, and an anti-beam coating to knock it all off. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll Mobile Suit Gundam: Shin Gihren No Yabou is a Japanese PSP game. Couple that with an exceptionally powerful weapons array and the way it makes use of the entire space of the interior of the mobile suit and you have a suit that can hang with the best. Good things come in small packages. I usually don’t have much love for transformable mobile suits. New to Gundam? Have a question or want to help?Join the Gamer Dan Discord Channel. The fifth generation of the Gundam VS series of games, featuring fast-paced team battles as players can choose from a wide range of mechs portrayed across the Gundam franchise. Gundam Breaker 2 for the PS3 is great. Giant Bomb users. I think they’re kind of gimmicky. That game was pretty good if only they had the full Gundam stories from other series and the other mobile suits. My favorite genre is definitely jrpgs but I'm more looking for some sort of flight combat game, something in the style of custom robo. If you want a "history of gundam" game that is turn-based strategy, then the SD Gundam G Generations games are your go to games.


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