clannad (tomoyo route)
All of the power. In street argot, I believe the proper term is "queerbaiting." Tomoyo's route doesn't have this to the same extent. However, we aren't shown explicitly on how Tomoyo, Takafumi, Kanako, and Tomo are doing sometime after Tomoya's death in the VN's ending, making said ending quite vague unlike the manga adaptation where the expanded epilogue made for said adaptation expands on the ending of the VN, giving us a one-year timeskip (several months after Tomoya shared her story online to help people through grief, so the timeskip is one year after Tomoya's death) where we are shown Tomoyo, Tomo, Takafumi, and Kanako visiting Tomoya's grave and how the four are doing presently a year after Tomoya's death) given in the manga adaptation, signifying his death). He should not exist. At this point, this story is all just hijinks ensue, the visual novel sequel spinoff to Clannad. The story of Nagisa's and Tomoya's relationship was told somewhat differently than it was in the anime, but it was just as good. So you could theoretically play this without Clannad first, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Even though Nagisa's route is not the best, the heroine of Clannad has plenty to deliver. Tomoyo is the most popular character in all of Key's franchises. Discussion of Tomoyo’s character and story arc in CLANNAD. Tomoyo's theme is Her Determination and her spin-off game theme Light Colors. The breakup is incredibly dry and stilted. He works hard, gets a job, fixes his shit, and is a better person for when Tomoyo comes back for him. The Clannad visual novel has twelve routes in total. What puts Misae over Koumura is simply having a more attractive personality that makes for a more memorable character. No matter whose route you are going through (save a few, maybe?) But together with Tomoyos sequel, I think that Tomoyo has overall the better story. Tomoyo loves Tomo a lot and spends a lot of time with her. But when the plot’s more serious moments happen entirely based upon a whim, there’s nothing to get out of them. In the Memorial Edition of the visual novel, the final scene added is Tomoyo finally reuniting with Tomoya, although the interpretation of the situation is differed from certain people, either: Which of these interpretations are true is up to everyone, they decide what they want to believe is true. A little down the line in Nagisa's route is where you branch off to Koumura's route, and if you play through the routes of Clannad in the recommended order, you will end up going through Koumura's route right before Nagisa's. Whilst visually pleasing as you can learn cool skills and level up your characters, it quickly outstays its welcome, becoming a massive grindfest for little reward. On a semi-regular basis, you will get options to pull pranks on Fuko. Amongst all of the routes in Clannad, Yukine's is the most relaxing. I'm a horrible writer so feel free to ask questions, I'm sure I didn't explain well enough. Thank you so much for this guide. Clannad Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Completion of Nagisa's route once may be required to cause Akio to appear and complete the combo though. As your friend, I can't let that be." Tomoya deliberately breaks up with her in a emotionless because he knows that Tomoyo won't be accepting it otherwise. Kotomi's route is certainly a contender for anyone's favorite of the visual novel. Other characters, including Yukine's bodyguards, Misae, Akio, and even Koumura will step in to continue the combo! This girl is such a great character, she got her own visual novel. 'the student council takes up too much of my girlfriend's time' is not enough to keep one going. Her personality and story are very well made and her love for Tomoya is beyond incredible. She creates some great comedy moments (her route is slightly funnier, I will admit, although the competition is stiff). The visual novel focuses on the struggles of the different characters while keeping the focus on the importance of family, just like the main story of Clannad. While Tomoyo is still a high school student in her third year, she occasionally stops by Tomoya's house to cook his dinner, having a running gag of their intimate moments being occasionally interrupted by Takafumi's arrival. Kyou also goes past what is initially perceived as a standard-issue tsundere girl that switches between rash and kind. she fell in love with Tomoya at the same time as her sister, and she was too selfless, A student council, some cherry trees, various cameos from other characters, and a flashback to a brother in hospital, that when Nagisa died that should have been the real timeline; Kyou is AGAIN there for Tomoya and doesn't even give him shit for not being able to be there for his daughter for the first years of her life. That is also the reason why I hate Ryou, she is a manupilative bitch who uses her sister to get what she wants even though she knows that it hurts her sister, or even worse, she is jealous of her sister for being popular and just wants to take Tomoya away from her. Well, I think that her route overall builds a lot of tension. Hardcore Clannad fans will feel right at home with this story delivery, but there are some missed opportunities here for the casual player. But the tldr is going to be tomoyo best girl and tomoyo after is a harsh tear jerker. Or is there a route where they got together in the end? Not being able to make a move on Tomoya out of the fear of being rejected, Kyou helps Ryou to get together with Tomoya, after Ryou explicitely asks her to do so. If you see the anime and read the visual novel, a change of pace in story is refreshing. Now, without further ado, let the countdown begin! I'm going to spoiler tag all of this just in case, The biggest reason reason people are going to like Tomoyo's route the best is because of her, she is the only route that doesn't have major issues because she is so much better then the other girls, she isn't helpless like nagisa or ryou, she isn't super autistic like kotomi or fuuko and she never hides her feelings the way kyou does. Let's Play Clannad (Tomoyo) Part 2 - Lag Returns by blueskulldragon87. Having watched/played Clannad isn't a necessity, but it does help flesh out the story background. It is not surprising that the top five spots in this countdown are held by the five main female characters. I suggest a minor correction from "Yeah probably not" to "Yeah probably" right near the end of your walkthrough. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with CLANNAD. For this article, we will be looking at the eleven school routes from worst to best. I wrote this up on my phone early in the morning, as I just couldn't get these thoughts out of my head without giving them an outlet. She transfers to Hikarizaka Private High School as a second-year student during the spring and has a reputation as a tough girl who beats up troublesome delinquents. The breakup is incredibly dry and stilted. My lp of Tomoyo's route of the visual novel Clannad Play all Share. The route also has a cliffhanger ending. Also, looking around the community gives me the impression that Fuko is the least favorite of the main cast, and I am no exception. Funnerific 131 Funnerific 131 Fuwa Elite; Members 131 598 posts; VNDB; Report post; Posted July 1, 2014. As I lurked about, searching for opinions on the best route of Clannad, Kyou was the... 3. My only criticism for Fuko's route is that I found the ending to be a bit forced. At the cost of 80% of the original game’s characters, since Tomoyo After seems to exist in a universe where none of Clannad’s other heroines existed, bar one who is given a passing mention 90% of the way through the story. Despite this, Kotomi's route is one of the best written and most enjoyable parts of the Clannad visual novel. Ultimately, you can sum it up by saying that Kyou's route does a lot with a little. It’s a contrived mess that goes exactly how you’d expect as it to and achieves nothing. Fearing the operation may cost his life, Tomoyo agreed with Naoyuki to abandon it and instead taking care of his health under the pretense that his original memories would return naturally. She makes Tomoya a better person in addition to taking care of all her own problems, You haven't finished her entire route yet Tomoyo after changes things, Tomoyo's after story is probably more heart breaking then regular after Story. Kyou's route has nothing unnecessary in it, nothing supernatural, not even any other characters. Looking at my username, one might think I like her as well. Kyou is a great character. The primary reason for this, funnily enough, has nothing to do with either Kyou or Tomoyo; it has to do with Tomoya, and the difference in the quality of his writing and characterization between both routes. Can be taken as what happens after the Tomoyo route from the Clannad game, with Tomoyo and Tomoya … I was also disappointed when only a couple of the other main girls joined her in her route. She has the conflict of achieving her goal but being together with Tomoyo, whom she loves, at the same time. In ~After Story~, Tomoyo makes brief appearances from time to time, such as when she is asked by Sunohara to pose as his girlfriend, when she asks Misae for advice on her school political career, or when she patrols the area for delinquents. If you don't, you'll have to play through Tomoyo's path again (or load a … The twelfth one is called "After Story," which is considered to be the main story of Clannad. However, the experience is not just in that last hour; it is also in all of the optional dialogue that should be read. Tomoyo holding a baseball bat as seen in the, Tomoyo walking with Takafumi beneath the cherry blossoms in. Well, you could do that in a sequel too, but Key chose not to and not only replaced the entire soundtrack with a new series of great songs, but a new artist was hired as well to give this title’s cast a glow up. This version confirms (or makes it quite obvious) that Tomoya dies, which the manga adaptation acknowledges and confirms as well, considering that it's based on this version (the first, original release in 2005, the adult one with sex scenes).


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