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YAT-TAI calls Superintendent LIP YU-HONG, who is also his buddy. The two brothers run into each other again. He resorts to taking heavy duty explosives for launching attacks in a busy district. Watch Flying Tiger Free Online. YU-HONG divides his team into two units and takes MAN-LA away. But Coke loses his grip. He questions him about U384 but gets nothing. He runs into to KA-LONG, who has been ordered to provide reinforcement, on his way out. After a one-night fling, he steals information from her phone. KA-CHUN takes MAN-LOK back to her place. YU-HONG cannot prove his innocence and decides to escape from the car park. KA-CHUN apologizes to YU-HONG. During an SDU training session, CHEUK-FUNG makes YEE-FEI team leader. It is half an hour before the deadline after which Kenny said he would kill the hostage. The duo have become fugitives. KWOK-BUN tells Kenny his involvement in the drug business enables him to handle some young bankers and manipulate the Hong Kong foreign exchange market. KA-LONG decides to go out to divert his attention. She hopes the assassins cannot find her. And CHI-YIU’s gun wound was the result of YAT-TAI firing his gun while facing straight ahead. While YU-HONG is looking for a parking space in a car park, he is pursued by a knife-wielding bike rider. Terrorists promptly launch an assault and shoot the police. KA-CHUN and his subordinate Oppa wait for Coke to show up. There are explosions as they break the door and barge in. KA-CHUN puts anonymous clips away. While KA-LONG was saving WING-YIN, he caught sight of a set of numbers. After receiving his award, YAT-TAI is forced to tell a love story about himself before he can leave the stage. KA-CHUN meets with his superiors and explains he has absolutely nothing to do with YAT-TAI’s improper activities. Chambers. She also takes KA-LONG to see the terrorists, who are actually armed with modern weaponry and ready to swing into action. KA-CHUN contacts his undercover colleague as he wants to investigate the case of YAT-TAI being held hostage. SDU receives order to provide reinforcement. While SDU team members are going through hostage rescue drills, YEE-FEI accidentally gets hurt. KA-CHUN receives intelligence that a bunch of wealthy dudes returning from overseas are running some underground casino. YU-HONG refuses to listen to someone’s advice and insists on following. YU-HONG wants to tell KA-CHUN his doubts. YU-HONG accuses KA-CHUN of inappropriate conduct and assigns him to the back office. The police boss goes to the headquarters to look for YAT-TAI, who is no where to be found. OCTB are still investigating the drug case at the pier. Michael Miu Bosco Wong Ron Ng Eddie Cheung Michael, During a promotion ceremony for police officers, Senior Superintendent KO YAT-TAI (Hugo Ng) is taken hostage. Deep In The Realm Of Conscience. KA-LONG wants the police to pay him HK$10,000,000 for this phone. KWOK-BUN calls YAT-TAI and tells him KA-CHUN’s life will be at risk if he does not join the rival camp. He is determined to kill KA-LONG with his own hands. KA-CHUN chases after Kenny and causes a scene on the street. KWOK-BUN is suspicious about KA-LONG. Not fearing for his own life, YU-HONG rescues his wife and daughter from a car amid crossfire. KA-LONG and SDU officers rush to the scene. LIP SUET-YING, YU-HONG’s daughter, returns home after graduation. Kenny and a bunch of reckless guys barge in as YU-HONG is gathering evidence. He even tells NGA-SHUEN his feelings. CHEUK-FUNG rejoins SDU. El Rey de la Jungla se merece las ventajas más salvajes durante todo el año. But it is her day off. YU-HONG plots to catch Kenny. After a gun fight, WAI-WAN and SDU officers are hurt. KWOK-BUN is about to fatally shoot KA-CHUN. The Four. KA-CHUN falls into Kenny’s trap of being locked up in a car, which has been booby-trapped to set off heavy explosives, with an unconscious William. But he is ambushed by the terrorists. YU-HONG and KA-CHUN are hiding in an industrial building. He questions him about the mastermind behind recent incidents. However, they find out CHEUK-FUNG and WAI-SHAN are having a dinner date instead. KWOK-BUN angrily questions KA-LONG as he also suspects KA-LONG has seen YU-HONG. TAK-KING earnestly persuades CHEUK-FUNG to seek help from WAI-SHAN at the psychiatric clinic. KA-LONG suggests going somewhere to have fun as he wants to improve his relationship with his mother. KA-CHUN has decided to find WAI-SHAN and undergo psychotherapy. ¿Necesitas 300 velas para ambientar tu restaurante? The duo end up being pursued by assailants on a tram. Red Wolf uses his last account to transfer funds. YU-HONG shows up and interferes as KA-CHUN is interrogating Kenny, causing KA-CHUN to be very annoyed. KA-CHUN realizes NGA-SHUEN is actually a coroner. KA-LONG calls KA-CHUN and tells him he has got Kenny’s phone which contains information about moles and U384. But KA-CHUN follows the rules and prepares to arrest YU-HONG. YU-HONG again says no. Some man suddenly confesses to being responsible for the undercover police officers’ deaths and also Coke’s death. FOK WAI-WAN secretly helps YU-HONG and explains to KA-CHUN about YU-HONG being framed. Watch online Flying Tiger II (TVB Version) - 飛虎之雷霆極戰, Watch online, HK Drama, and HK Movies and TVB Shows in High quality KA-CHUN interferes and calms the tension. CHEUK-FUNG and KA-LONG and cannot begin operation because William has been taken hostage. KWOK-BUN clearly tells YAT-TAI he will have to do something for him. YU-HONG tells KA-LONG to go to the park to find YEE-FEI. Some car has hit pedestrians. KA-LONG even shoots CHEUK-FUNG in front of KWOK-BUN. With Ron Ng, Singh Hartihan Bitto, Marcio Catalano, Jamie B. Podrá encontrar. YU-HONG finally catches up with Coke. MAN-LA is still defensive about KA-LONG. The box is left behind on the road amid the chaos. The two of them end up in a tunnel and start a big fight. Findings indicate international terrorist Red Wolf is planning to launch terrorist attacks in Hong Kong. KA-CHUN goes alone to the underground casino again. Después de todo, la esencia de la Navidad reside en la familia y este año estar en casa por Navidad significa mucho más. Fortunately, KA-CHUN rushes to the scene in a car and takes them out of the danger zone. YU-HONG is wounded. Tienen un diseño muy guay y estarán disponibles durante todo el año. Kenny disguises himself as a doctor and goes into the ward to handle WING-YIN. Senior Superintendent KO YAT-TAI is attending an honors and awards presentation ceremony. But his mother points a gun at him. | Full season and episodes - free online streaming fast high quality legal movies and TV television shows YEE-FEI teases KA-LONG about finding out who is better at running and shooting. Surprisingly, WAI-SHAN also diagnoses William as having post?traumatic stress disorder. CHEUK-FUNG escapes death. He even thinks when he went undercover, MAN-LA was somehow involved. KA-CHUN successfully shuts down an amethyst lab. KA-CHUN decides to block the news and only works with his OCTB colleagues in the rescue operation. CHIT-SUM also offers KA-CHUN to have a few days off to take a rest. After a lot of investigation efforts, nobody has any idea about that mysterious organization controlling YAT-TAI. YU-HONG, MAN-LA and SDU officers eventually force Red Wolf into an impasse. WAI-WAN reminds KA-CHUN not to use ruthless methods in his investigations, otherwise he will easily lose his way. KA-LONG learns of the situation and promptly goes to rescue. KA-CHUN asks passer-by CHONG NGA-SHUEN to help the victims. KA-LONG gives CHEUK-FUNG his resignation letter. MAN-LOK is in fact Kenny’s woman. He even suspects these rich kids are indulging in a new kind of dope. With the help of his colleagues from Technology Crime Bureau, YU-HONG hacks into Kenny’s computer. YU-HONG points out KA-CHUN, YAT-TAI’s son, is security chief at the venue. Recently, undercover police officers have been caught out by gangsters and executed according to underworld rules. CHI-YIU takes YAT-TAI to an industrial building. Tenemos cosas sorprendentes para todas las ocasiones, para tu hogar, tus hijos y mucho más. The SDU people have come up with an idea of using YEE-FEI to make a date with KA-LONG to uncover his tactics. CHIT-SUM wants KA-CHUN to crack down on drug gangs to teach them a lesson. She befriends her by going shopping with her. He engages himself in relentless training to numb his senses. Seeing his father in danger, OCTB Senior Inspector KO KA-CHUN (Ron Ng) is unable to do anything. But WAI-CHING cannot forgive KA-LONG. The mysterious girl introduces herself as MAN-LOK, who tells KA-CHUN they can use each other. She wants to see KA-LONG, her so-called elder brother. KA-LONG intentionally incites gang warfare. He insists on catching the real culprit. The police boss authorizes YU-HONG and CHEUK-FUNG to set up Special Team, code-named Ultimate Battle, under SDU. KA-CHUN has a conversation with NGA-SHUEN by the seaside. KA-LONG and the terrorists then engage each other in a road chase. Analizamos todos los productos para asegurarnos de que no contienen ningún componente perjudicial. They want to find YU-HONG, but Kenny unfortunately shows up instead. SDU officers follow CHEUK-FUNG into an old factory on a rescue mission. KA-CHUN rushes to the scene. A recent spate of murders of undercover cops, a surge of new drugs, and terrorist groups are portent of a menacing future…… Confronting complications, Superintendent LIP YU-HONG (Michael Miu) fights relentlessly to bust the criminal mastermind. KA-LONG reveals KWOK-BUN wants him to kill CHEUK-FUNG. MAN-LOK goes into hiding as KWOK-BUN does not trust her anymore. KA-LONG knows Kenny is plotting to plant poison gas bombs at the police station. KWOK-BUN gives the police an ultimatum, demanding immediate release of MAN-LA as he has planted poison gas bombs in a busy district. Kenny and the police engage each other in a big gun fight on the street.YU-HONG successfully intercepts the box of intelligence. But YU-HONG denies he had asked KA-LONG to go undercover. SDU officers swing into action. Hong Kong police have received intelligence from overseas that terrorists and triad gang U384 have agreed on a deal that involves exchanging a box of intelligence in Hong Kong. YEE-FEI is particularly anxious. Inspírate con nuestro lado salvaje. KA-CHUN leaves his team behind and chases after Coke as he catches sight of him escaping.


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