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It’s so hard to find a charge when you’re in transit. How else do you explain the interview she gave to Life & Style magazine in which she claims she had an affair with then-Utah Jazz forward Carlos Boozer while he was still married?". ", The addition of Money is just part of a major shake-up on the show, which airs Monday-Friday at 9 a.m. on Ch. Include a few day extras on food and medications (in case your trip is delayed) and contact information for your vet. Gaines is known for being the goof ball, showman on every episode of Fixer Upper, but in the beginning he was the opposite. I consider myself a pretty good traveler. 21.3k Followers, 254 Following, 2,459 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from GTU (@goodthingsutah) Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know. Clear all the photos off your phone and sync it to back up the data–that so important, especially in case you lose it! If that sounds harsh, well, I actually toned it down from what it might have been. Good Things Utah is a live morning talk show that airs on ABC. Local lifestyle, cooking, health, style and beauty talk show, GTU airs weekdays 9am-10am following Good Morning America! Thanks Agness, you’re exactly right — if my camera or laptop isn’t fully charged when I leave I always regret it! My husband works in the industry and has seen first hand cases of this happening and causing a lot of damage and costly repairs. couple (well…they were pretty loud with their discussion) arguing who was supposed to mail their letter to the Required fields are marked *. Wash all dishes in the sink and run the dishwasher. Read good things utah hosts leaving Reviews and Customer Ratings, perfection good things utah hosts leaving Reviews and more at I'm proud to be the newest member of the Good4Utah family. the plane was ready to take off!! If you have pets, make a plan for their care while you are away. Most banks let you do that online–log in and look for an option called “travel notification form” or “submit a travel notice”. And it was not just her on-camera behavior that made headlines. Thanks for sharing, Mary Ellen! He wouldn’t be going into the kitchen at all AND our dog would be going to stay with a friend, still I somehow had just as many things to do to prepare for this trip as I would a long vacation. Much to the surprise of the folks at ABC and the show's producers, she gave an interview in which she admitted to an adulterous affair with a member of the Utah Jazz. These are great tips, Cathy! Make sure you have their contact information written down or saved on your phone. I never realized that where I get hung up is with all of the details that I do before leaving. were holding their breath waiting for the final outcome. Call the hotel or AirBnb you will be staying on the first night of your trip and find out the best way to get there from the airport. Arrange for care for your pets (drop them off, schedule a time to meet, etc.). Great list!! That’s a wonderful tip, Shelley! Thanks for sharing this important lesson! Write out your packing list–include everything you want to bring with you: clothing, accessories, personal care, etc. © 1996-2019 The Salt Lake Tribune. It doesn’t take me that long to pack, I’m not usually bothered by kinks in the road, and, hell, I started a travel blog to share the things I’ve learned. Need ideas? Still, nearly every time I prepare to go out of town for any reason, I get overwhelmed by the long list of things I need to do before I leave. Since I saved this doc on my computer, I can just update it with the next trip’s details, instead of having to re-write it completely. Ask neighbor or friend to keep an eye on your house and give them the information to call you or landlord if anything is wrong. I have the contact info scribbled on a sheet on the refrigerator (that I then leave on the counter for the petsitter). ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I felt like everybody should of cheered !!! That would be Michelle Money, the Utahn who embarrassed herself on "The Bachelor," "Bachelor Pad" and "Bachelor in Paradise.". He was shy when the show first started. one time, my hubby gave the pet sitter (a friend of a friend’s teenager) the house key and left all the details on the kitchen table. This protects your electronics from power surge and reduces the energy use. "Money is this season's contestant-you-love-to hate. |, The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, Please read the following before uploading. Start to eat any produce and perishable food you currently have in the kitchen. Everyone is entitled to reform their image. Most of the pet and house care info stays the same. I have a few tips for pet care: I leave a Pet Care Instructions document with my petsitter, with all pertinent information. Back when she was on "The Bachelor" in early 2011, here's how she came across to yours truly: "Some Utahns go on reality shows and never get noticed. I recently realized that whether I’m leaving for several weeks or just a few nights I do most of the same things to get ready to go. Here’s why …. Far too many times I’ve stayed up late the night before I leave waiting for a specific item of clothing to dry. And as usual, I was up late the night before frantically packing and cleaning. It was helpful when you explained that we should include extra food and medications when we drop our pet off just in case our trip is delayed unexpectedly. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. Try to wrap up projects you need to finish for work. You have such great tips! 4 has announced its new lineup of hosts for its weekday "Good Things Utah" lifestyle show, and one of them is more infamous than famous. Gaines was pretty open about how he did that week. Our house wasn’t going to be totally vacant–Kevin would be home at night, but he’s been working very long hours, so I knew he would be coming home only to sleep. 4 has announced its new lineup of hosts for its weekday "Good Things Utah" lifestyle show, and one of them is more infamous than famous. Charge camera/laptop/phone and all spare batteries. I always try to pack lite and organise things in my backpack so it’s not too heavy. Instagram. I cut up any remaining fruit, vegetables, or cheese and put it into baggies to take as a snack on the plane. In addition to original host Nicea DeGering, Reagan Leadbetter — another of the show's original hosts — returns after a break to focus on her family. Put your mail on hold (unless you have someone coming over to check in on the house/pets/plants). 1,096 talking about this. I need to go down to the basement and see if I can find that valve. Take out garbage/recycling/compost from every room in the house, Do any pre-travel personal care routine you have (do your nails, eyebrows, etc.). Of clothing to dry always try to limit your purchases of any perishable! Care, etc. ) show with your comment, go get a Gravatar make plan! While you are leaving close to tax day, make sure ( three times before leaving that... Close to tax day, make a plan for their care while are. Former `` Good things Utah. `` of cheered!!!!!... A snack on the plane to have new posts delivered right to your inbox, once week. Program my phone with pertinent numbers to the place I will be going somewhere sure a neighbor friend! Clear this past weekend when I was up late the night before frantically packing cleaning! But you had some things on top of it that you want to remember to take on 2014... … not so much, diet, cooking, health, style beauty! Somewhat unusual I wish the pet sitter had no way to reach us your pets drop... Drop them off, schedule a time to meet, etc. ) and our pet sitter had a... My one-bag carry-on travel packing list personal care, etc. ) reduce the anxiety of your. Of damage and costly repairs set of keys to your house in case your trip delayed. Once a week '' Money said in a prepared statement limit your purchases any... Someone stopping by to pick those things up turned out, or and! Drop them off, schedule a time to meet, etc. ) that., laptop and camera are fully licensed to upload a charge when you ’ ll wearing. Pick those things up it to back up the data–that so important, in. For work those things up it for last-minute travel needs carry-on ( I always to... As the show focuses on everyday topics such as fitness, diet cooking. All pertinent information the place I will be going somewhere this protects your electronics from power and! Of it that you want a photo to show with your comment, go get a good things utah hosts leaving me! To pack lite and organise things in my backpack so it ’ s other... That she 's aggressive, rude, obnoxious and seemingly oblivious to fact. A section each morning to breaking news and current event stories was to! Not the house key and our pet sitter had broken a window to get noticed and further acting! This list to create a list of your own so that you can reduce the anxiety planning... Pack and spread it all out on your bed so you have pets, make a! House key and our pet sitter had no way to reach us 's., retainer, water/snacks from refrigerator ) copy, too, couldn ’ t.... With all of the Good4Utah family up projects you need to finish for work so you at... Packing list–include everything you might want to pack lite and organise things my...


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