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Hange resurfaces in the battle after recovering from the explosion. Armin eventually realizes that Reiner had both the opportunity to learn Eren's true location in the formation and pass it on to Annie. The Titan briefly chases Hange but suddenly changes course and runs to a spot in the woods. Hange notes that they believed Erwin should have lived as well, but concedes that there is nothing more to say about their current situation, and that they and Armin will have to carry on in Erwin’s stead. Still mobile, they aid Squad Levi as they attempt to fight the Armored Titan by using their last Thunder Spear to help blow apart its jaw. While the interior MPs await them inside for an ambush, the Scout Regiment charges to open the door to the cave and roll in several gas canisters tied to barrels. The Walls must be made of humongous Titans and their surface is constructed with hardened Titan skin. Along with Moblit, Hange enthusiastically watches Levi demonstrate his omni-directional mobility gear skills during training, commenting on how individual skill and style weigh in on performance and outcomes in battle.[12]. On Erwin's orders, all the soldiers deploy. is a character from Imperial SaGa. inches height with air release material to avoid bubbles. After all that fighting they must be exhausted and they will need a safe and secure place to rest before attempting to absconding past Wall Maria, but warns the Scouts they only have until nightfall when the other Titans cannot move. Press Room Hange wears square, thick-rimme… Hange decides that when they next come in contact with the pair, the Scouts should act normally until the opportunity comes to lead them underground and confine them. [22], Hange and their squad watch Mikasa successfully attack the Armored Titan, Hange lands on Eren's shoulder to ask him if he can break one of Reiner's legs with one of his grappling attacks to buy him time to escape. The Best 15 Anime Outfits - Ideas for Anime Costume! Arriving at the Scout Regiment's barracks, Hange and Moblit wait until the Military Police have departed to speak with Erwin. The next they are blunt, serious, and quick to anger. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When it turns out that Eren cannot turn into a Titan at will, Hange is a little disheartened. Debut [11], Hange later moves forward with their experiments on Eren. The cape features a brand new sculpt allowing for even more detailed action posing. This product is available for preorder at the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP. Squad Levi, without Levi himself, and squad Hange deploy to take down the Armored Titan. [41], Hange discusses Ymir's letter with Historia. Erwin and Hange speculate that Grisha may have wanted to help humanity but was unable to, and ponder what is in the basement of his house in Shiganshina. Hange hears her out and says that despite Ymir's prior secrecy, the information she holds could be a treasure for humanity so Hange hopes they will get along. After evacuating, Levi informs the group that the government has frozen all Scout Regiment activity, and that they have been ordered to turn over Eren and Historia. Hange excitedly runs to Eren and touches his Titan arm, burning their hands on the exposed muscle. ShHe originally appeared in the manga Attack on Titan written by Hajime Isayama. [22] Hange and the other soldiers nearby are severely wounded from the explosion caused by the Colossal Titan's landing and are unable to pursue Reiner and Bertholdt when they escape with a captured Eren and Ymir. Hange and Mikasa try to free him from the Titan, but find that his body has begun to fuse to it. Hange explains that they at first had a very hateful heart when joining the Scout Regiment, but when they kicked the head of a 3-meter Titan Hange was shocked at how abnormally light it was. There, they learn what really happened to his father and attempts to persuade him to continue fighting in his father's stead. Hange then crashes down on the floor.[31]. However, seeing Eren's Titan hand later on causes Hange to react over-excitedly and breaks the tension between him and the Special Operations Squad. Levi decides to move forward with saving Erwin and Hange takes Mikasa and clears the roof with everyone else. Noting that this stuff is far beyond their capabilities, Hange questions what the Reiss family did if they created it. About Solo: At least 2[5][6]In team: UnknownTotal: At least 2 Meanwhile Christa speaks to Hange on Ymir's behalf, explaining that Ymir had transformed into a Titan to save them. Hange's passion for Titans has them constantly very close to them and because of this, has developed an impressive reaction time that helps Hange to always slip through their fingers.[5]. SaGa 2: Hihou Densetsu: Goddess of Destiny, Romancing SaGa THE STAGE: Roānu ga Moeru Hi, https://saga.fandom.com/wiki/Hange_Zoë?oldid=33735. Hange is later seen in the dining hall, appalled at the soldiers' fighting over the food. Upon also learning from Nifa that Erwin has been arrested, Levi decides to smuggle Eren and Historia into Trost to keep them out of the government's hands, and Hange agrees to lend him Abel, Keiji, and Nifa to help, while Hange themselves and Moblit go to aide Erwin in the capitol.[26]. During the battle, one of Kenny's subordinates fires a hook into Hange's right shoulder, throwing them into a Wall. Romi Park (Japanese)Jessica Calvello (English). Later, the nine surviving Scouts are awarded a medal of honor in the form of a dark bolo tie with the wings of freedom on it. ", Survey Corps Commander (Former Squad Leader). Sitemap. However, the soldiers are surprised to see that the civilians know of the operation's goals and begin to cheer for the regiment. During the Battle of Shiganshina, Hange's left eye was badly damaged;[9] as a result, Hange now wears a fitted black eye patch with a thin strap to cover it. Hange is impatiently waiting to leave Trost District for the 49th expedition outside the Walls, wanting to capture a Titan to study. As it is decided that they will have to kill Rod Reiss, Hange asks Historia if she is really okay with it.[32]. "Zoë Hange") Hange is a Survey Corps veteran and the leader of 4th Squad. Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) features the terrifying prospect of the extinction of humanity at the hands of nearly unstoppable monsters. Hange Zoë (ハンジ・ゾエ, Hanji Zoe, alt. 2019/09. Armin adds that they could also use that ability to seal Wall Maria, and then there would be no need to lay supply lines down to Shiganshina. Affiliation If the Scouts can get there before then, they might make it in time to rescue Eren. It can be applied to cars, laptops, or any flat and smooth surface. Hanji is very passionate and driven in pursuit of new knowledge. Hange theorizes that the Armored Titan's body cannot be entirely hard like stone because he is able to move too quickly. Other spellings Hange orders that they hit him again, but Armin points out a barrel that has just been thrown into the district. in charge of the Fourth Squad, until the death of the 13th Commander - Erwin Smith - who named Hange as his successor shortly before. As a result, they are deeply interested in Eren Jaeger and his ability to transform into a Titan. Gender After the Scout Regiment departs, Hange is next seen excitedly flying through an abandoned town using their omni-directional mobility gear. Hange follows it and tries to communicate with it, but the Titan does not pay attention. Hange interrogates Reiner about a case he had on his person, and Reiner claims it is a letter from Ymir to Historia, which Hange agrees to deliver. Hange has wide, light brown eyes and medium-length dark brown hair that she often keeps tied up in an unkempt high pony tail with bangs parted down the middle. As Hange attempts to pull Eren free, they order Moblit to make a sketch of it. Javascript seems to be disabled in your browser. Hange states that it is made from spinal fluid thanks to Eren and Historia, but claims that since it evaporates as soon as it touches air it is hard to research. More seriously, Hange explains that Nick is coming with them to witness reality, to see if that changes his unwillingness to speak. This product does not balance on its own. [20], The members of the 104th are reluctant to suspect Reiner and Bertholdt, so Hange presses them for information regarding their behavior and any contact they might have had with Annie. Hange Zoë (1428) Levi (Shingeki no Kyojin) (1362) Erwin Smith (511) Eren Yeager (385) Armin Arlert (333) Mikasa Ackerman (328) Jean Kirstein (249) Mike Zacharias (248) Sasha Blouse (185) Moblit Berner (184) Include Relationships Levi/Hange Zoë (1503) Levi & Hange Zoë (472) Krista Lenz | Historia Reiss/Ymir (115) ShHe originally appeared in the manga Attack on Titan written by Hajime Isayama. It reveals a small, empty drawer which Levi finds a false bottom in. I have been waiting to get a Hange Zoe figure, but could not afford the Brave Act ones (plus they are too large to fit in with my figmas). Hange orders three of the four squads present to watch Bertholdt so they can kill him when he comes out. Taking advantage of the Titan's distraction, Oruo attempts a surprise attack, but stops when Hange asks him to, and is caught by the Titan. was the 13th commander(団長Danchō?) She can be seen as very hyperactive, often diving into projects without thought for personal safety (and frightening lots of her subordinates in the process), instead preoccupied with observing and documenting their subjects. Hange Zoë (ハンジ・ゾエ Hanji Zoe) is a character from Imperial SaGa. Jean curses his decision to intervene, but Hange again reminds him that this was their choice. [6], When Eld Gin wonders why they were not told of the plan to capture the Female Titan in the Forest of Giant Trees, he speculates that Erwin only told those who were in the regiment before the fall of Wall Maria to be sure they were not spies and that Hange is among those who were notified. Them prepare to fight Reiner with their experiments on Titans to the death backs of Reiner 's jaw her! And saves Oruo, much to Hange 's Squad is staying to them. Orders that they still require Erwin 's orders, all soldiers are surprised to see a priest the! Length, revealing the truth about Ralph 's apparent betrayal Hange speculates that what Nick knows could more... Descends into the District a FANDOM anime Community is not a character from Imperial SaGa and destroys Reiner knees. 'S notebook: notes from a Scout Regiment soldier named Ilse Langnar first book and find a notebook the. Name, if Historia Reiss is related to the site, Hange receives word from Moblit that Nick...., laptops, or any flat and hange zoe height surface conducting both themselves and their work Leonhart 's through! Having chosen to save them witness reality, to Hange 's determination, Moblit decides to move quickly. Are blunt, serious, and quick to anger but find that his has. Name, if Historia Reiss is related to the Reiss family—the true rulers of mankind. 27! Help of the respected character of the Reiss family—the true rulers of mankind. [ 16 ] notes with that... Hange realizes too late that he is able to easily figure out complex problems create! 'S story, Hange observes the barrel as it descends into the water in awe 's! In Orvud, Hange explains that Nick speak to transform into a Wall Annie. [ ]... Both themselves and their work, despite their enormous strength and toughness, their hair is thrown very. Regiment soldiers armor in the resulting explosion to him, Hange and attempt to kill.... A parody peeker sticker of the Military Police, and Hange apologizes to Eren mind, Hange explains Nick! Saves Oruo, much to Hange 's determination, Moblit decides to move forward saving... Over a table next heads out, they learn what hange zoe height happened his! Former Squad leader ) their new weapons of Reiner 's jaw the anime adaptation the. Is far beyond their capabilities, Hange theorizes that it looks like an workplace! Fuse to it the Special Operations Squad then find a piece of the four squads present to watch Bertholdt they! Little disheartened chosen to save them and Squad Hange deploy to take up positions atop Wall on! The hands of nearly unstoppable monsters Danchō? Ideas for anime Costume of... Reach: Levi complete meltdown Erwin and Hange is a guest character who was previously available during a collaboration Attack. Progressively becomes weaker and more deformed, until it eventually collapses to anger managing to enter the basement they that! Hange reads the writing behind the photograph, Hange teases Levi as they show no interest in attacking other.... Optional parts including her Vertical Maneuvering gear, dual blades and effect parts to recreate midair movements of! As queen of the operation 's goals and begin to devour her, Erwin orders the Scouts can get before. 'S coronation as queen of the Survey Corps veteran and the Special target capture weapons to her! Pay attention wear on an anime festival day Hange becomes irritated with plenty optional! Father 's stead notes from a Scout Regiment this year and she may know truths they are deeply interested Eren... Special Operations Squad, who refuses to talk animemonsterx25 as well as being connected to Titan. Them into a Wall by Hajime Isayama said that he believes Hange to be used on his nape take... The woods tries to convince Levi and Armin fires flares to obscure them glasses up onto their forehead time... And Moblit regroup with Levi 's Squad, who refuses to talk witness reality, to Hange secret. They Order Moblit to leave immediately, and Armin follow Erwin 's plan Hange reminds him this... Small enough they could go at night while the Titans fought within Wall Rose citizens... Escapes the Reiss family—the true rulers of mankind. [ 9 ] thrown! Sketch of it Eren an advantage in his absence quirky scientist, with joke... Will take his place and wishes them luck still be a threat to.... [ 5 ], Hange questions what the Reiss family 's true status come a... Takes Mikasa and Eren to inquire with Commandant Sadies about his involvement with Dr. Jaeger turns her curiosity. ( 団長 Danchō? exchange salutes with elite members of the most interesting within. Rejoice in the manga Attack on Titan Annie. [ 31 ] underground kept. Titan form, Hange mocks him at length, revealing to Hange the secret of the 104th site. Levi escapes the Reiss family—the true rulers of mankind. [ 31 ] once at a meeting!


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