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Any form of entertainment, information, or discussion centered around the world of HxH is welcome here. Ponzu enters the 287th Hunter Exam and completes the first three stages of the Hunter Exam with relative ease. He also managed to survive for a while after being captured by the Chimera Ants, hiding in a pile of bones, until he was eventually found by Neferpitou. He gives his home code to Kurapika, Leorio, and Gon before departing to become a successful Hunter of Fantastic Beasts after obtaining his license. Pokkle mentions he finds it suspicious that during Kurapika's battle, Hisoka mentions something to Kurapika and forfeits. [4], Ponzu's primary weapons are traps using chemicals,[8] but she has shown to use also other means of combat. Pike regrets his actions Pokkle shoots 2 more arrows at the Chimera Ant, who easily catches both of them. The 2011 anime expands Ponzu's appearances during the Chimera Ant arc: she is first seen with Pokkle and his friends in a park discussing the attack of giant insects in NGL. Watch. Not even about her parents or her early childhood. [4], Beehive Hat: Ponzu's hat is inhabited by a large number of bees (similar to wasps in the 2011 anime). By lightly tapping her hat, she can make the bees come out without them attacking. this fic tries to fill in the holes of what happened in between the 287th hunter exam and the chimera ant arc for ponzu and pokkle. ポックル She wore a salmon blouse, pale yellow pants, and orange flats. Knowing that Pokkle will not be eaten immediately, she rushes to write SOS messages in blood and uses her bees to bring them to the strongest Hunter nearby—who happens to be Kite. to help give you the best experience we can. [9], Ponzu learned Nen sometime before sneaking into NGL, as she was able to see Pokkle's Nen ability. Enraged Pokkle charges and throws enhanced punches at Pike and the moment he was about to shoot another arrow at point-blank range, he became paralyzed by being injected with a neurotoxin through Zazan's tail. Pokkle and his colleagues happen to stumble upon a gun-wielding Ant murdering humans with his pistols. [4], In the fourth stage of the Hunter Exam, Ponzu used a vaporizer spraying potent sleeping gas to knock out her target.[4]. She wears ordinary clothes, a salmon blouse and baggy pants and light orange shoes without high heels. Black (1999) Brown (2011) Anime Debut Pokkle was then captured alive and brought to the Chimera Ant Nest. As they release the sleeping gas again, Gon takes them all out of the cave but her badge is taken by him and given to Leorio while she is unconscious, therefore causing her to fail the exam. [4] She also was very objective, characterized by her prioritization of getting word of the Chimera Ant infestation to a strong Hunter. Umi Tenjin (1999) Haruka Kudō (2011) [9], Ponzu had learned Nen sometime before sneaking into NGL, as she was able to see Pokkle's Hatsu. Ponzu is described as being a very serious, and generally collected young female individual. He immediately understood when he was in real danger and always has a reserve plan. Portrayal Ponzu's death in the hands of the Gun-toting Ant looks strikingly similar to a scene in episode 535 of the Detective Conan series when a detective got shot. Text. With babel, why is it not recommended to place title commands before \begin{document}? He was probably not a powerful Enhancement user since his punches failed to inflict any significant damage to Pike. She then decides to run back to the border, but she is shot moments later by an officer from Zazan's Squad who then devours her. Her eyes and hair color are also light pink. Pokkle apparently had problems learning Ren. Turquoise (1999) Sea Green (2011) Ponzu was a serious, generally collected individual. [4], During Gon and Killua's training in the Heavens Arena, Wing reveals that Pokkle learned Nen after the Hunter Exam. They come upon a group of Chimera Ants capturing and killing humans, and she suffers a minor injury to her shoulder, but the four manage to escape. Video. How to do a simple calculation with the VASP code? Curiously, the two scenes are both exclusive to the anime adaptation of their respective title while not being present or shown in the manga. They didn't interact in the 2011 version and I'm pretty sure they didn't during the manga. He can transmute his aura into seven differently colored arrows; presumably, each has its own attribute. Type Grid View List View. When Gon arrived at the scene much later, all that remained was a puddle of blood and cloth and he looked angry. When she finally decided to go back to the border, she is shot and eaten moments later by an officer from Zazan's squad. He carried the arrows in a quiver strapped to his back. 2011 Why MySQL performs so poor on SHOW PROCEDURE STATUS? Pokkle is resistant to poison to some degree, as he quickly recovered from Zazan's powerful neurotoxin enough to use the antidote hidden in his tooth, while her victims usually sleep for a month. Not much about her childhood past is known. [12], Thanks to an antidote serum hidden in his mouth, Pokkle regains his ability to move and manages to hide underneath a pile of leftover skulls from the Queen's food. I was extremely shocked, especially with Ponzu's death. [10], His Nen ability is called Rainbow (七色弓箭(レインボウ), Seven Spectrum Array). Eye Color Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Chapter 22 #boyfriendscenario #chrollo #chrollolucilfer #fanfiction #gon #gonfreecss #hisoka #hunterxhunter #hxh #illumi #killua #killuazoldyck #kurapika #leoriopaladinight #pokkle. Catch Up - Pokkle 2.3K 29 26. by k_nzi_ by k_nzi_ Follow. Why do Killua and Gon pretend not to know Hisoka in episode 50? Type According to Tonpa, she is able to discern when she is being followed. Photo. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. During the fourth stage where the remaining contestants have to take the badges from their specific opponent, Ponzu learns that Bourbon is her target. She was known as examinee #246 in the 287th exam, and was also #223 in the 288th Hunter Examination. [link] That is the real image Don't go yelling at me for ... HunterxHunter ponzu+pokkuru, This is a extremely serious HxH blog Expect fanart, long text posts and lots of bad jokes. Why can't California Proposition 17 be passed via the legislative process and thus needs a ballot measure? At first, she wasn't allowed to go along but she proves that she would be helpful in relaying messages due to her ability to control her bees. She is later on seen in a car while Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio head to the airport to get to Kukuroo Mountain. pokkle hxh < > Most recent. He also seemed to have a lot of pride and was disappointed that he became a Hunter only due to his opponent refusing to fight him. So, I basically want to know if there was any kind of interaction between Pokkle and Ponzu during the Hunter Exam in the MANGA (or in the remake. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. Episode 10 (1999) Episode 3 (2011) Share. She then decides to run back to the border, but she is shot moments later on by an officer from Zazan's squad who then devours her. According to her, it is a secret technique used in her family. Home ; About Us ... #YourHunterXHunter gallery. Nen Pokkle is one of the 24 examinees to pass the Third Phase of the Hunter Exam within the Trick Tower. High quality Pokkle gifts and merchandise. She carries a bee hive underneath her hat from which the bees emerge to attack her enemies when she is threatened. Pokkle was an archer with white pants, a white shirt, and a red vest. Ponzu Or about her birthday for that matter whatsoever. Specifically, he soaked the tip of his arrows in a liquid that could paralyze the target for a week through a simple scratch. He then retracts his web and bites off a chunk of Balda's head killing him. [4], She is later seen in a car while Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio head to the airport to get to Kukuroo Mountain. She seems to be fairly analytical, realizing the nature of Bourbon's ability and that the badges used in the Fourth Phase of the Hunter Exam have transmitters implanted in them. Not much about her childhood past is known. Pokkle The targets will be decided through a lottery. Knowing that Pokkle won't be eaten immediately, she rushed to write SOS messages in blood and uses her bees to bring the message to the strongest Hunter nearby--who happens to be Kite. They come upon a group of Chimera Ants that are capturing and killing humans, and she suffers a light injury to her shoulder, but the four manage to escape somehow. According to Tonpa, she is able to discern when she is being followed. Pokkle (ポックル, Pokkuru) was examinee #53 during the 287th Hunter Exam,[2] which was his second attempt at the Hunter Exam. 2011 Previous Occupation Text. [8], Mid-conversation during the discussion whether Illumi's Hunter License should be revoked. Most popular Most recent. (Y/N) met Pokkle and Ponzu during the Hunter Exam, and they all became close friends. 287th & 288th Hunter Exam Examinee (#246/#233) Amateur Beast Hunter NGL Expedition Team Member Pokkle was very self-confident about his abilities, but at the same time very cautious. Discover (and save!) Cookies help us deliver our Services. She wore a salmon blouse, pale yellow pants, and orange flats. State site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. She is the second Hunter to die right after Pokkle. After her death, her remains are found by Kite, Gon, and Killua. Grid View List View. May 20, 2017 - Explore Gianna's board "Ponzu X Pokkle" on Pinterest. Maybe they knew each other before the exam because they don't interract at all during the exam if I remember well. [12], Pokkle in a fit of rage takes action and attacks the Chimera Ant with his Red Arrow Nen ability setting its head a flare. Outside of the Trick Tower, Lippo—the examiner of the phase—informs the examinees the next phase of the exam will be a manhunt held on Zevil Island and all of the examinees will be the hunters and prey. Pokkle orders Ponzu to escape, and she is the only one who manages to do so. He molds his aura into an arrow with his right hand while simultaneously making a bow by transmuting his aura into an elastic sling between the thumb and middle finger of his left hand. Let me quote Hunterpedia for a refresher of what happened: However, before they get the chance, Zazan's squad detects them and Ponzu is the only one able to escape. Eye Color Ponzu wore a big yellow hat with white flaps housed bees that would come out at her will or when she fell or screamed. Graden Gant (1999) Bobby Thong (2011) Sep 24, 2014 - Copyright whoever made this. In the 1999 version, she wore a pink hat, a pink jacket with blue sleeves, yellow baggy pants, and blue shoes. Quote. They conclude that they cannot contain the Chimera Ants by themselves and resolve to contact the outside world. [12], Hunter × Hunter Hunter Association Official Issue: Hunter's Guide; Character & World Official Databook (pg. [5], Ponzu enters the 287th Hunter Exam and completes the first three phases of the Hunter Exam with relative ease. In the Hunter Exam, he proved to be an accomplished archer, which, together with his use of paralyzing arrows and skills in stealth, allowed him to defeat his target[5] and pass the fourth phase. What’s going on in this Hunter x Hunter clip? Manga Debut Deceased How do you win a simulated dogfight/Air-to-Air engagement? Pokkle and group observe this from afar and safe distance. Kana When Pokkle was knocked out, she immediately runs for it. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. Deceased Ponzu is later shown to participate in the 288th Hunter Exam, although she then ends up being knocked unconscious in the first phase by Killua. I assume their common interest in nature drew them together after the exam. Her eyes, and hair are dark blue. https://hunterxhunter.fandom.com/wiki/Pokkle?oldid=293209.


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