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Anthony Giacalone, a member of the Detroit Partnership Mafia organization in a 1975 mugshot. You call yourself an investigative journalist, but you say you dropped the story because you have no PROOF. Possibly as a result of tips leaked by Hoffa, Beck came to the attention of a committee on union corruption headed by Sen. John McClellan of Arkansas. As in the manufacturing sector, unionized truck drivers continued to see significant wage increases. With almost no hard evidence and very few witnesses — all of whom would probably be dead by now — this cold case has remained wide open to broad speculation and self-serving fabrications. Hoffa was part of the muscle that launched the coup in the Minneapolis Local, but he would continue to employ the strategies he learned from Dobbs, the leader he helped to oust, ideology notwithstanding. Within a decade and a half, the various Mafia families that Hoffa had to navigate throughout his career began crumbling due to federal prosecution and they became hollow shells of what they once were. -The cop who identified the body not identifying himself to the M.E. In addition to working at the Jordan Group, Hoffer worked at Wolf’s Auto Auctions as vice president of fleet sales. Strikers and strikebreakers traded blows with bare fists, bats, and pipes. Who DOES own the house at 2 bay street in Breezy point? Neither one was ever charged in connection with Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance, but there is little doubt about their involvement in it. He, and ABC Eyewitness News have refused to return phone calls or emails from Galison since. After all, Robert Kennedy once called Hoffa the second most influential man in America, outranked in power only by the president himself. The next morning, she called her children and told them that their father never come home. NetflixAl Pacino as Jimmy Hoffa (center) and Robert De Niro as Frank Sheeran (adjacent, near right) in The Irishman. What record exists of the lady’s testimony. Ironically, Jimmy Hoffa, whose succession to the office of Teamsters president was a foregone conclusion, could have billed himself as something of an anti-corruption reformer, but that didn’t stick. It will barely scratch the surface. In the violence that ensued, Hoffa reached out to a connection he’d made through a former girlfriend, Sylvia Pagano. If the amended form did not account for the beach house at Breezy Point and millions of dollars of holding also not reported in the original financial disclosure, the Judge would be guilty of felonies. What relationship did the policeman that identified Sunny’s body have to Sunny? He was also a proud uncle to many loving nieces and nephews.He is predeceased by his parents, Ernest and Ann Hoffer of Carteret; his sisters, Vilma Woodward and Elsie Soos; and his brothers, Ernest and Frank Hoffer. Congressman Elmer Holland, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, said at the time that “Jimmy Hoffa has put more bread and butter on the tables for American kids than all his detractors put together.”. Hoffer is best remembered in the fleet industry as the 29th president of the Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association (AFLA), a position he held from 1996 to 1997. Briguglio is the business agent for Teamsters Local 560 and a longtime associate of Anthony “Tony Pro” Provenzano. “Jimmy Hoffa has put more bread and butter on the tables for American kids than all his detractors put together.”. Hoffa, for his part, came to despise both Kennedy brothers, viewing them as not only the spoiled children of privilege but hypocrites, since their family fortune came from their father’s bootlegging operation during Prohibition. Throughout this era, several prominent gangsters, corrupt Teamster leaders, and gangsters who were also corrupt Teamster leaders ended up going to prison, so it’s not surprising that Jimmy Hoffa would know some of his fellow inmates — some of them very well. Funeral services will be held at 9:15AM on Wednesday, December 14, 2011, from Flynn and Son Funeral Home, 23 Ford Avenue, Fords, NJ followed by a 10:00 AM Funeral Liturgy at St. Helena’s RC Church, Edison. Several Emails between Jim Hoffer & Will Galison regarding the case before and after Sunny's death: Terrific. Anthony “Tony Pro” Provenzano gestures with his hands as he meets with newsmen outside his home. They were working at the train-loading docks of a food distribution center for the Kroger grocery store chain in Detroit. I'm not insisting that Golia killed Sunny, but Sunny made a .... video saying that Golia was going to kill him... doesn't that bear looking into?". Jimmy Hoffa was, from the start, opposed to carrying a gun out of principle. Hoffa would be expecting to go to a confidential meeting, not one in a public space where law enforcement could observe it and possibly listen in. Communists were rare among Teamsters leadership, but the success of Dobbs and his allies led the national organization — then based in Indianapolis — to overlook his more radical views. is an anchor at MSNBC who also refuse to cover this story. With hearings primarily conducted by the panel’s hired counsel, Robert F. Kennedy, whose older brother, then-Sen. John F. Kennedy sat on the committee, the findings formed the basis of new regulations on the nation’s labor unions. Provenzano made sure to be seen by multiple witnesses playing cards with friends in New Jersey on July 30, 1975. When will we know the winner of the presidential election? The two of them were getting ready to celebrate their 31st anniversary at the time of Hoffer’s death. John James (Jim) Hoffer passed away on December 10, 2011.Formerly of Carteret and Perth Amboy, his most recent residence was in Edison. This blog is a repository of documentation regarding the death of Mortgage Fraud victim and anti-corruption activist Sun Ming (Sunny) Sheu, and the ensuing cover up by law enforcement including the NYPD and Queens DA. Detective Ambrosino of the 109th has said on tape that there is no police report of Sunny's death, only an aided report, and that the police were not informed of any head trauma which would have triggered an investigation. Give them a call and investigate. You don't deal in proof, Jim. Formerly of Carteret and Perth Amboy, his most recent residence was in Edison. Why do the police claim that NO police report exists in contradiction of the M.E’s testimony? Covering New York City, New Jersey, Long Island and all of the greater New York Area. The 49-year-old 'Morning Joe' co-host, has become the new favorite What are the names of EMS or police personnel? He didn’t spend much on himself, even downgrading the model of car he drove from Cadillac to Pontiac once he rose to leadership. If he died of "natural causes", then his personal belongings  (including his computers and documents) should be property of his next of kin (his brother in Taiwan) and should be left alone by police. Perhaps even more than his once-great power, Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance is what makes his larger-than-life story fascinating to this day. Sheeran claims that Jimmy Hoffa’s body was disposed of in a nearby garbage incineration facility, but as Moldea noted, the FBI ruled out that location early on in the investigation. The hearings also prompted the AFL-CIO — the two labor organizations reconciled and merged in 1955 — to vote four-to-one to expel the Teamsters from the organization. The Teamsters, who hadn’t endorsed Nixon in 1968, would do so in 1972, along with a contribution to the Committee to Re-Elect the President (CREEP) — one that may have been as high as $1 million. I wonder if the CAT scan of Sunny's brain will be made available. Moldea believes that Briguglio was Jimmy Hoffa’s killer, but since Briguglio was murdered in 1978, just three years after Hoffa disappeared, charges were never brought against him. When I gave you the ME info, it was with the assumption that you would publicize it, and until it gets out there, I am a target. Barbara, who was living in St. Louis, Michigan at the time, immediately got on a plane and flew to Detroit. A large part of recruitment involved approaching individual drivers, which wasn’t easy. Hank Walker/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images. If Mr. Sheu has proof of the failed disclosure, it's a good story. Officer Ramos of the 109th precinct told my colleague that Sunny had a "head Trauma" and the doctor confirmed that he heard Ramos say that. On Jan. 2, 1988, Hoffer married Cheri Hooker. He evaded the law for a few years, but a combination of miscalculations and paranoia eventually led to his prosecution. But he wasn’t able to outrun trouble for much longer. NetflixJimmy Hoffa — played by Al Pacino in Martin Scorsese’s film The Irishman (above) — tried to balance his family life with his punishing schedule. John James Jim Hoffer passed away on December 10, 2011. Here are the questions I believe you should be asking about Sunny's death: Why did “three or four” police come to hospital admissions the morning after Sunny’s death to identify. Starting in the 1970s, union density in the U.S. had been on a steady decline, wages had stagnated, and working families had fallen farther behind than at any time since the Gilded Age and the Great Depression. Wikimedia CommonsAnthony Giacalone, a member of the Detroit Partnership Mafia organization in a 1975 mugshot. Jimmy Hoffa, who gave up his position as Teamsters president after his prison sentence for fraud and bribery, sitting at a table during a Teamsters convention. Even today, while Jimmy Hoffa is a meme or a joke for many people, for union households and working men and women old enough to remember him, Jimmy Hoffa was the last hero of the American labor movement and his loss is keenly felt. Who told Jim Hoffer to drop the story and to insist that Golia was  not involved. Did you know that? This made Jimmy Hoffa a household name and a hero among working-class people who enjoyed watching a union man run circles around elite politicians. I  also hope the surgery went well an that you recover quickly. You investigate evidence, and when a man dies of an impossible  injury after being threatened by a judge, and there is a massive cover up by the FBI and the NYPD, an investigative reporter investigates. Russell Bufalino, the “Silent Don” who headed up the Philadelphia Mafia, more than once tried to get a message to Hoffa to back off. That said, some nearby cremation site is plausible. [3] Hofher spent one year as quarterbacks coach for at Bowling Green State University in 2008 under head coach Gregg Brandon. Sunny's death is terribly sad, because he was a dear friend and a fearless warrior for truth and justice. According to Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran — a longtime friend of Hoffa’s, the head of a Teamsters local in Delaware, and an alleged part-time hitman — Hoffa raised the idea of Sheeran’s sitting in on the meeting for protection. While Hoffa held on to normalcy at home, his controversy-laden presidency of the Teamsters was pushing the union to new heights. The car in question did turn out to contain a single hair from Jimmy Hoffa, a DNA test eventually proved, but O’Brien maintained that he had nothing to do with the murder of Hoffa and since there was no way to determine when Hoffa’s hair was left in the car, there wasn’t anything that investigators could charge O’Brien with. View the profiles of people named Jim Hoffer. Austin said he knew about the CCRB reports and FBI interest in Sunny's case, but he did not want to take statements about Sunny's fear of reprisal. The intention appears to have been to just use the parking lot as a rendezvous point before proceeding to some other, confidential meeting site. What is UNDENIABLE is that there is a cover up by police of a murder, and that is a story in itself. And if he took a little cut off the top for himself or his allies, that was fine by his membership: He earned it as far as they were concerned.


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