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Altagracia reveals a secret to Azucena. Altagracia threatens Gabino. VoirFilms présente la série La Doña Saison 2 en Streaming VOSTFR et VFCette Série est créée par Carlos Villegas RosalesActeurs : Aracely Arámbula, David Chocarro, Danna Paola, Diego SoldanoPays : US G Valeria mistreats Lopecito. She feigns indifference, but the intruder manages to get through her armor. Mónica confronts the Delegate and is sent to a punishment cell. Altagracia confirms that Braulio murdered Jaime Aguirre. Braulio attacks those who testify against him. In this hip-hop competition, judges Niska, Shay and SCH search their hometowns of Paris, Brussels and Marseille for the next breakout talent. Saúl accuses the Doña of not having a heart. Francisco Vega threatens Altagracia. Altagracia threatens Braulio. Mónica and Saúl confess that they need each other. Braulio accuses him of murder. Under threat, she demands the names of his accomplices. Gabino fights with Adolfo. Lydia files a complaint against Braulio. Leticia, having fallen prey to desperation, takes drastic measures. Rafael changes his testimony. Yesenia pushes Lázaro to make up for the time and money Altagracia made him lose. Diego and others post the video of Rafael’s murder online. A hooded Gabino attacks Mónica but it doesn’t go according to plan. Saúl goes to a charity ball. Altagracia supervises the eviction of the neighborhood. Both mother and daughter vie for Saúl’s affections. Ximena appears at the Doña’s house. Saúl searches Braulio’s car and finds Ximena’s earring. Saúl tries to get Mónica out of the punishment cell. Saúl professes his love for Mónica and she warns Isabela about Emiliano. Mónica and Saúl look for the murderer. Altagracia complains about Mónica’s lack of loyalty. Francisco threatens to kill Rafael to make Altagracia talk. Mónica wants to know the truth about her father’s health. TV Shows Based on Books, TV Dramas. Rafael and Braulio make their attack. Saúl visits Mónica in jail and promises to get her out of there and advise her about the trial. Braulio plants bugs on Daniel Llamas. Altagracia stops Gabino from attacking Mónica. Saúl sees everything. Miguel Preciado recognizes one of his accomplices. Mónica and Saúl find out about how Leticia was unfairly fired and Mónica organizes a protest march. Worlds collide and lives shatter when Altagracia, a powerful and elegant businesswoman, plots a ruthless revenge while falling in love. Saúl interrogates Altagracia about being a murderer and a victim. Emiliano redeems himself. Saúl demands that Altagracia choose a side. After lamenting the decision to abandon Mónica, Altagracia swears to protect her. Yesenia refuses to testify in favor of the Doña. Valeria is fired. Altagracia and Ximena fight. Saúl forces Braulio to confess what he did with the car. Braulio will be the Colonel’s lawyer. Rafael goes to visit Daniel Llamas but Daniel isn’t happy to see him. The Doña performs a ritual to make Regina and Isabela come back to the mansion. Mónica and Altagracia hate each other again when they realize they love the same man. The Doña orders drugs to be planted in the Colonel’s truck, and he is arrested. Altagracia wins over everyone in the Foundation. Karen learns that Rafael is a monkey. Monica is forcefully evicted from the construction company. Felipe wakes up with a gun in his hand and an unpleasant surprise. Mónica tries to get Regina to confirm her suspicions. Yesenia and Lázaro make up. Lázaro has a date with Mónica. Altagracia finds Lázaro and demands to know the truth. Saúl sees Mónica as a safe haven and Altagracia as the woman who has brought her conflict. Mónica and Mago are arrested. La Doña has a conversation with Mónica and lies to her about her origins. Genres. Braulio confirms Lázaro’s true identity. Altagracia Sandoval has all the information, but needs confirmation that Miguel Preciado is the murderer she’s looking for. Braulio dreams about Altagracia and she asks him about Jaime. Pour ce faire, Altagracia usera de l’aide de Braulio Padilla et de Matamoros, ses hommes de mains les plus proches. Mónica questions Saúl in the hospital, and he takes the opportunity to find out if she saw anything. The scandal against Daniel blows up. Altagracia confesses her most painful secret to Saúl. When Jaime Aguirre refuses to evict one of Altagracia Sandoval’s construction company’s pieces of land, she has him arrested. Mónica and Saúl argue about their feelings. At a press conference, Felipe confirms that the Doña is no longer his wife and accuses her of cheating on him and defrauding him. After lamenting the decision to abandon Mónica, Altagracia swears to protect her. Altagracia uses her ingenuity to get what she wants. Available to download. Saúl confronts Braulio and they threaten each other with death. Elle a donné naissance à une fille, Mónica Hernández, qu’elle ne pouvait pas élever comme étant la mémoire vivante de sa pire expérience. Altagracia gives her business card to her worst enemy. Altagracia has Miguel Preciado’s fate in her hands. 91. Altagracia feels empty after her decision. Altagracia visits Mónica to intimidate her. Altagracia surprises Saúl with a photo of Ximena. Saúl is suspicious about Altagracia’s intentions. Altagracia orders Guillermo’s murder and sends a false confession to the press. Yesenia refuses to collaborate and la Doña threatens her. The women at the foundation are afraid they will be accused of Braulio’s accidental death. Daniel conceals Altagracia. Valeria wants to do a paternity test for her baby. Saúl seeks out the truth about Manuel Preciado. Altagracia offers Mónica a job as an assistant. The Doña makes a connection between the tattoo on the criminals that raped her and killed her parents and those that attacked Margarita. Saúl is suspicious about Miguel Preciado’s disappearance. Saúl goes after Braulio, blinded with hatred. Leticia wants to investigate Rafael. Mónica and Azucena try to save Saúl from Altagracia’s madness. ... Watch offline. Altagracia and Saúl kiss for the first time. A shootout commences. Regina tries to inform Altagracia but is not able to. Daniel and Regina grow closer. Gabino kidnaps Mónica and Adolfo to fake a crime. Altagracia orders Yesenia to break up Mónica and Saúl. Céspedes forces Matamoros to take him along with la Doña. Altagracia Sandoval está decidida a recuperar su poder y sus negocios, sin importar el costo en Brasil. Adolfo agrees to join forces with Altagracia. Lorsqu'elle et sa sœur Regina étaient adolescentes, leurs parents et son petit ami ont été assassinés. Karen investigates why Emiliano hated Rafael. Braulio walks free. Altagracia witnesses the encounter. Altagracia agrees to meet Braulio. Altagracia puts her secrets in Saúl’s hands. Ximena confronts Altagracia and warns Monica about the Doña’s intentions. Rafael admits he was in the Monkeys. Saúl tracks down Ximena at the airport. Rafael lies to Saúl about the reasons for the kidnapping. Saúl asks Monica how she feels about him. Jaime looks for Altagracia. Rafael orders Gabino to kill Mónica. Céspedes betrays Daniel. Saúl declares war on Altagracia. Saúl defends Altagracia blindly against Jaime’s accusations. The Doña shows Mónica her prowess and sends her to Gabino. Mónica feels uncomfortable in Altagracia’s presence. Saúl denounces Braulio. Altagracia finds herself in a compromising situation. Rafael and Braulio join forces against Altagracia. Elle n’accorde pas d’importance à son conjoint, Felipe Valenzuela. Altagracia asks Lázaro for forgiveness and then lies to him. Altagracia a été violée pour laisser sa sœur échapper à un groupe de malfrats appelés Valeria frees Mónica and Margarita. Braulio and Rafael prepare to attack. Rafael reaches an important conclusion. Felipe makes a retraction on TV. Matamoros arranges for Cespedes to be freed. Rafael, hooded and beaten, goes to Altagracia. Azucena advises Saúl to go away, but he is determined to stay. Two decades after the Wanninkhof-Carabantes murders in Spain, this documentary reviews the case from judicial, political and sociological perspectives. Braulio confirms that Rafael’s murder was recorded. Yesenia speaks with Altagracia. VoirFilms présente la série La Doña Saison 2 en Streaming VOSTFR et VFCette Série est créée par Carlos Villegas RosalesActeurs : Aracely Arámbula, David Chocarro, Danna Paola, Diego SoldanoPays : US G Yesenia unwittingly lets slip that Altagracia was a victim of the Monkeys. Mónica manages to talk to Saúl, who helps her gather evidence before the ruling is passed. Altagracia tries to entice Daniel to speak. Watch El regreso (Season 2, Episode 1) of La Doña or get episode details on The Doña and Rafael try to sully Felipe’s reputation. Altagracia tells Rafael that she had a daughter, and he tells Daniel. Adolfo has a proposition for Mónica. Lázaro and Yesenia marry in an emotional neighborhood ceremony. Saúl questions Altagracia about Mónica’s disappearance. Altagracia offers to pay for Lázaro’s treatment. Regina must seek refuge. Altagracia is the victim of a kidnapping attempt. Diego receives the video of Rafael’s murder. Saúl is in shock. Braulio confirms his suspicion. Mais Altagracia, connue sous le nom de “La Doña”, se transforme en une femme impitoyable et sans répit, vicieuse et dévoreuse d’hommes. Emiliano is filmed taking drugs and Saúl sees it. Ximena leaves the neighborhood. Daniel warns Saúl. Le sort les lie quand elles tombent amoureuses du même homme, Saúl Aguirre, un avocat de la défense des femmes battues et de leurs causes. The Doña finds out that Mónica was abandoned by her mother at birth. The Doña visits Felipe in prison. Regina confronts Altagracia but Altagracia has a warning. The Colonel wants to investigate. Altagracia pressures Valeria. Altagracia refuses to testify in the trial. Altagracia challenges Saúl to show up at the hacienda. Lázaro reveals to Felipe how he ended up a victim of the Doña. Saúl is jealous. The journalist finds evidence about the scam. Rafael tries to tell Regina the truth. Altagracia helps Emiliano. Saúl criticizes Altagracia for arresting his father. Saúl wakes up from his coma next to Altagracia and swears he will take vengeance on Felipe. Rafael shoots at Francisco in order to save Altagracia.


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