original hamster dance
There was a guestbook where visitors could leave comments, a web counter graphic to log every visit to the page. I know that if the song is popping, we can make money making singing and dancing hamsters. He's the founder of something called Big Fun Media — a company name that repeatedly pops up in Hampsterdance press from back in the day, though the Hampsterdance was its first and only client. And the Cuban Boys turned it into — "Cog"? Although the audio on the original site was a sped-up clip from the Roger Miller song "Whistle Stop" featured in Disney's 1973 film Robin Hood,[16] Disney did not allow the sample to be used in the single, so an original recording, sung by Rob DeBoer, was created and used instead. You can dance to it and it's kid friendly. Share this story with someone to get the song stuck in their head! Jeffery, for instance, looks forward to 2020, the date of the Hampsterdance's "real" 20th anniversary. But because this was still 20 years ago, band member Ricardo Autobahn, a.k.a. Disney did not allow the use of the actual "Whistle Stop" clip, so the Boomtang Boys created a sound-alike re-recording. Hampton the Hampster was a novelty dance music act best known for the Hamster Dance in 2001. LaCarte's entry to the contest was a GeoCities web page with dozens of dancing hamster gifs. And let's hire somebody to do an officially sanctioned and properly licensed song using this thing, and take it to the next level.". Deidre LaCarte: [It's] a big toy fair for what they're going to sell at Christmastime. This preposterous idea that Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller, the most miserable men in pop, had made this chirpy disco record — again, it amused us and captured the imagination of people, I think. Deidre LaCarte: The song was good. The song proved to be very successful on Radio Disney, where it became the station's all-time most played song, and was later included on the compilation album Radio Disney Ultimate Jams. Jeffery was 38 when he hitched up with Hampton et al. Life | Before we move on, a quick explainer: free web hosts like Geocities had restrictions on bandwidth. And Deidre says Refac introduced everyone to Bill. The particulars of how everyone comes together are fuzzier than a hamster's rear end. It's so obscure, the project's not even listed on IMDB. Bill says he came in through Deidre — and Jeffery worked for Abatis later. Rob DeBoer: Well, the first thing we did is we got around the issue of having to clear a sample by re-recording it. But with every person who agreed to be interviewed, the Hampsterdance turned into one more thing: a hairy beast of a saga. Deidre's former contact at Refac told CBC Arts that the Hampsterdance failed to line up any deals at the fair, but the trip wasn't exactly a bust. October '99. Tony Grace: I think we did better with the cards than with the record. They weren't dreaming of retiring early off banner ad revenue, or branding themselves as influencers, spinning Angelfire poetry pages into book deals. I'm in my housecoat. You're hearing a cute little ditty and it makes people happy. (laughs) It just worked out that — it was clear that the relationship here and the property were going to fall apart. It was produced by the Boomtang Boys. We were entrepreneurs, never stuck into one genre of anything. The company that stocked a booth with toy Hampsters? So we decided to draw up 2D characters. The band did what they could to keep the hampster-ball rolling. Like Deidre said, sometimes things took an R-rated turn. Jeffery says he brought Abatis to the table because he'd worked for them as a chef. Yeah, there were dozens of [copycat sites]. But why did we become obsessed with these adorable rodents? Why don't you buy it from them?" You name it, there was a dance for it. We would need some professional people because they didn't have the background and they really weren't that net-savvy as far as being able to build, develop, et cetera, et cetera. Now that Hampton and the Hampsters had themselves a hit record, the Hampsterdance had mutated into something beyond the original meme, and its stakeholders were convinced that it could keep on conquering the offline world. It was fun to make a site. David Cassel, tech journalist: The way I'd tell the origin of the Hampsterdance, as I understood it from Deidre, was that she just kept hitting the insert key. There was opportunity for a toy deal, too, and according to Bill, the studio was interested in featuring more original music, so he tapped his cousin, Joseph Baldassare (a.k.a. That Boomtang Boys track, "The Hampsterdance Song," arrived in June 2000, and love it or loathe it, it's the recording you probably remember. I think Noel went on on MTV to deny his involvement in it whatsoever, so we caused a lot of bother with our little effort. Bill says it fizzled when Corus bought Nelvana, and the entire time the studio had been pushing forward with development, he was waiting for his lawyers to negotiate the deal. There's a blog post from Deidre where she mentions the situation. Not about money, necessarily, but certainly about fame. This is so far from classical. Whatever it was, they were going to get three per cent. Hampton and the Hampsters. We put a sticker on the sleeves so people knew it was the Hampsterdance song. I'm taking out what we got in return. You might not know what it's called, or where it came from. Deidre LaCarte: It's private information and it's copyrighted, but I have other sites available that I want to make and put up on the internet. It was also just that much more wonderful that it became wildly popular and maybe you could say it's one of the internet's first great success stories. It's called Abatis International. Why did anyone build a website in 1998? Before getting sucked into this epic, when was the last time you saw it? So we did. That was a lot of file space, a lot of data coming across the wire, whenever somebody wanted to see the Hampsterdance page.


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