rap songs about relapse
Beautiful This song works like a letter to all the people that he has hurt in his life, and he is explaining to them that if they were to walk in his shoes, they would understand why he has committed the horrible acts that he has. “Losing My Mind,” is Monch’s attempt to add to the collective conversation of the need for therapy in the African American community. And kill me now if I did it all for hip-hop, This ain’t high-school, no little student I can cheat off, At the rate I’m getting high, it’ll be hard for me to find tomorrow, But I just pray that I’ll survive tomorrow, As she cries in sorrow, she just needs some time to borrow, Put the white away, we can do some lines tomorrow, They ain’t killin’ they just yellin’, that’s it, A deadly combination with that ecstasy sniff, Say, double the money, please, double the money, I started f***ing with drugs and now I’m a junkie. Ever since his days as a member of Organized Konfusion, Monch has probed deep into his own metal issues through his music. After More Than a Decade, Jay Electronica’s ‘Act II’ Has Been Released, Lil Wayne, in one of his most transparent verses, addresses many of things that makes him mad, but he also talks about his suicide attempt at a young age. Let's take a look back. “So Many Tears” embodies the vulnerability of Tupac as he feared for his life, expressed suicidal thoughts, and struggled with paranoia. He first began to compose the song during a stint in rehab in 2005 to deal with his addiction to sleep medication. Whenever you are ready to take the first steps to overcome addiction, we will be here for you. The song explores the burdensome feelings of love and hate that someone who loves an addict must suffer as they watch the downward spiral. Lil Uzi Vert could be considered the personification of modern Emo rap. Logic, Alessia Cara & Khalid  – 1-800-273-8255 (2017). The song has many lyrics about fucked up stuff happening all around him, not just in the home. Funny, I have fucking loved SSLP and MMLP since they came out, liked Eminem Show, and then never listened to anything of his again. He has shared his past personal experiences through his music occasionally, but he mostly kept his listening audience at somewhat of a distance. Songs that r/hiphopheads likes even. Organized Konfusion’s anthem about stress helped to change the narrative about the intersection of mental health and hip-hop. Throughout the track, Mensa paints a portrait of his personal experiences of mental health combined with his drug use and consumption of alcohol to ease with the pain. Not to mention, the beat to this song is excellent. Underground The killer has finally died (he is underground, dead) and we have completed the story from birth to death of the narrator. On “Smile,” he reveals that his mother, Gloria Carter, is gay, and he cried tears of joy when she met her partner.


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