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This is further confirmed in Blinking Red Light when Red John kills James Panzer, a serial killer who insulted Red John. Jane had had suspicions that he was being watched and realizes that his room has been broken into because he sees the toothpick he had been leaving of late between the door and the frame lying on the floor where it fell after Kirkland's men entered the premises, never noticing it.[6]. Once he learns that the list was fake from Jane, he kidnaps him. Meanwhile, Special Agent J.J. LaRoche (Pruitt Taylor Vince) begins rigorously working to find Johnson's killer. Lorelei does have her assistant beat Jane up "a little". In season 3's "Red Queen", the new director of the CBI, Gale Bertram (Michael Gaston), also recites William Blake. This prompts Jane to reveal at a press conference that Red John is Gale Bertram, who has since gone on the run with the aid of a fellow Blake associate named Oscar. In the episode "Red Moon", Jane exposes an EMT worker, Todd Johnson (Josh Braaten), as a serial cop killer. His wife, in her suicide letter, called him "Red John". but that he has to bring Red John a gift (Lisbon's head) to prove his desire for friendship. Jane asks her to leave, which she does, protesting that Red John will be annoyed at his refusal. By the episode "Always Bet on Red", the FBI had investigated Panzer's murder and believed that a copycat of Red John was now active. S… Jane met him in a food court, planning to find out if CBI director Gale Bertram is Red John's accomplice. Emmanuelle Chriqui It's just a game, and he keeps winning. He gets arrested. By the episode "Blinking Red Light", it is now widely believed that Red John is dead, with Jane and Lisbon the only ones aware he is still alive. Although she's easily manipulated by Red John, she seems to see through other people easily. Hightower goes to stay with her sister. TV Guide included Red John in its 2013 list of "The 60 Nastiest Villains of All Time".[1]. After kissing Jane, she departs on a mission to kill Red John, breaking her pact to reveal Red John's identity. On the tape, she reads a message from Red John, in which he names the seven people on Jane's list of Red John suspects in exchange for being killed quickly. First to reveal is Raymond Haffner and Bret Stiles, who do not have tattoos. The next day, Lorelei reveals herself as an associate of Red John and says her presence in Jane's life is "a gift". Life without death." Then, and only then do you see the body of the victim. Both were female. Sheriff Thomas McAllister or better known as Red John, he is the main archenemy of Patrick Jane and also the main antagonist of seasons 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. Neither the CBI nor Homeland Security locate Lorelei before she is found murdered under Red John's trademark smiley face. They are interrupted by a client who wants his money back. In episode 9 of season 3 (“Red Moon”), serial cop killer Todd Johnson is burned alive. During the encounter, Red John keeps his face hidden behind a mask, preventing Jane from identifying him. It's the same thing that Timothy in the food court said, so Jane confronts him. While in the ICU, with Jane the only person present, Johnson whispers in his dying breath "Tyger! She starts to run away into the desert, but Jane convinces her to ride with him and tells her that she can dump him at any time. Lorelei had a younger sister called Miranda, who was raped and killed five years ago (Jane believes it was by Red John and later he turns out to be right). As Harker speaks on the phone, a slim man, holding a tea cup in his left hand, and dressed in a smart, dark-coloured suit, is sitting nearby; Harker, when asked, confirms that "Roy" is present and listening. This revealed that Jane knew McAllister was Red John before meeting Bertram and deduced his phobia, which Sophia Miller previously speculated on (also implying why he was unable to kill Lisbon previously as the house they were in during the season premiere contained pigeons). An unconscious Jane is asleep at the hospital and Bertram attempts to kill him before being interrupted by Lisbon. Lorelei tells him he'll be provided with a new identity, a place to live, a job etc. Dana Martins tells Lisbon that Lorelei never forgave her for taking her sister from her. However, Red John didn't know that Sophie used an audio device to record her thoughts about her patients, using her unique ability to read people even if they attempt to hide their true emotions and personality. This body was placed next to Stiles and Haffner, both of whom perished in the explosion, leaving only Jane, Smith, and Bertram alive, while McAllister escaped before the authorities arrived. It would later be revealed that Red John has a multitude of followers that see him as a savior who gave their life a purpose and willingly aid him in his various plans and murders in gratitude for what he gives them, which can range from a new life, an occupation, or some form of compensation. These include: At the start of the series, Red John was initially known as simply a serial killer who tortured and murdered mostly women, with at least eleven confirmed victims by the series' premiere. If Red John wanted to die, maybe this is how he wanted to die. However, he later confides to Lisbon that his breakdown had been tailored to get Red John to believe Patrick was really giving up. After Lorelei comes after Lennon, Jane appears to try to rescue Lennon (for Jane's own ends) and to acknowledge Lennon's and Red John's involvement in Miranda Martins' murder. Lisbon faxes him a photo of the crime scene where the word "ROY" can be seen scrawled on the floor next to the sister's body – information that had been withheld from the public at the time of the murder. The man begins to leave, but at Jane's insistence answers a question, revealing details about Jane's wife and daughter that Jane mistakenly presumes only Red John could know. There's a touch of street in her. Portrayed by While hiding from the authorities, Bertram brutally murders a bartender who comes close to recognizing him on the news reports and evades capture by posing as a SWAT officer as other units, many of which he called in himself, arrive, allowing him to escape unseen in Oscar's vehicle. He plans to attract each suspect individually, telling them he has critical information about Red John. There have been further developments in season 5. Actually, Blake himself refers to "The Lamb" in "Tyger! He tells Kirkland that he remembers who shot him but says he does not recognize Kirkland. In the episodes "Red Sails in the Sunset" and "There Will Be Blood", Kirkland and Homeland Security are shown taking deep interest in finding Red John's accomplice, Lorelei Martins, when she goes on a killing spree. ), The name "Timothy" in the Jane's notebook. Robert "Bob" Kirkland, introduced in the retcon episode "Red Dawn", has engaged in numerous suspicious activities relating to Jane and Jane's search for Red John. Lorelei has an awareness of Patrick's attachment to Lisbon and, in The Crimson Ticket, she continues to needle him on the subject, telling Jane "you're a little bit in love with her." Jane, believing that the man who killed Tinsley was Red John, gathers his five remaining Red John suspects into one location (in "Fire and Brimstone"), only to find that three of his suspects have the identical tattoo of three dots, revealing that they are all part of the "Tyger Tyger" group of corrupt officials. With this knowledge, Jane is one step ahead of Red John with an additional description to narrow down his list of six suspects. Later at night she rams Rigsby's car to disable him and breaks into Jason's house and starts torturing him for information when Jane comes in and informs her of the other girls Jason has killed. Jane uses this information to work out that an apparent Red John murder was a copycat crime. She says that, thanks to a friend in the FBI, they know that he didn't kill Lisbon. McAllister had then ordered for Smith to be killed before CBI could arrest him and had Bertram (anonymously through the Blake Association) lure Jane to a final meeting before Bertram was to escape the country, while also secretly ordering Oscar to aid the former CBI director and ensure his safety until Jane arrived, at which point he was to kill Bertram. It's like those Amazon tribesmen who throw spears at passing airplanes, then come to realize those planes are the seeds of a much larger civilization that is coming down on them." She calls SAC-PD; however, when she arrives at the address, a lady on the line informs her that they are temporarily unavailable. The two talk; the man reveals to Jane that he has a gun concealed in a folded newspaper and states that he is tired of killing and wants to start a new life, and encourages Jane to do the same. Asking McAllister to blink once for no and two for yes, Jane asks if he is sorry for murdering his wife and daughter and if he is afraid to die; McAllister blinks twice to both questions. In The Crimson Ticket, or Crimson HAT (?)


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