wanna hear a joke murray
Come on. You yelled out a window, you're a big man, but now you'll have a headache for weeks/months as you fix your car problems all because you couldn't maintain some civility. 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I got rear-ended sitting still by a fully-loaded 18-wheeler (going about 40-45 mph). Me : Sometimes. Who do I talk to?Social Worker: I’m sorry, Arthur. [the other clown employees start to laugh]Arthur Fleck: Why don’t you ask Randall about it? Murray Franklin: You’re serious, aren’t you? [Arthur honks the clown horn, tosses it aside, and walks off, but returns]Arthur Fleck: Oh, no. [Carl hesitates and looks at Arthur]Arthur Fleck: What?Carl: It says she’s your mother. [Arthur makes a run for it]Detective Burke: Hey! Let us know what you think in the comments below as we’d love to know. Gotham’s lost its way.Good Morning Host: What about the eyewitness report of the suspect being a man in a clown mask?Thomas Wayne: Well, it makes total sense to me. I haven’t been happy one day out of my entire f**king life. It’s reflects totally movie theme of the joker. Even I didn’t know if I really existed.Social Worker: Arthur, I have some bad news for you. What the f**k would you do that for?Haha’s Clown #2: Is that part of your new act, Arthur? “How’s your job? Yeah. [to Arthur, who’s playing peekaboo with a young boy on the bus]Boy’s Mother: Will you stop bothering my kid.Arthur Fleck: I wasn’t bothering him. On October 6th, iFunnyuser SavoirFaire posted the scene to iFunny, with the post gaining over 3,100 smiles in ten days (shown below). [the audience laughs]Murray Franklin: Okay. 2.1k votes, 112 comments. Joker : Do you have any dream? Knock, knock.Murray Franklin: And you had to look that up? There’s nothing funny about that. You know, a lot of the guys, they think you’re a freak, but I like you. The world has no room for pieces of shit like that. Are you having any negative thoughts?” All I have are negative thoughts. Me : Again and again… Why are you saying that?Thomas Wayne: But she was arrested and committed to Arkham State Hospital when you were just a little boy.Arthur Fleck: Why are you saying this? [continuing to prep Arthur for his segment on the show]Murray Franklin: Couple of rules though. That we won’t werewolf and go wild!Murray Franklin: You finished? You know, this is not a public forum. Thank you for helping us in keeping r/dankmemes dank. usually dont like DC movies but this great. Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved | All images are copyright of their respective owners, [Arthur gets his journal and gives it to her], [to Arthur, who’s playing peekaboo with a young boy on the bus], [Arthur shakes his head as he continues to laugh uncontrollably], [he hands her a card that explains that he has a condition that causes him to laugh], “The worst part of having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don’t.”, [as Arthur is imagining himself being on Murray’s show and getting his attention], [Arthur joyfully joins him on the stage as the audience claps for him], [as Arthur is continues his fantasy of meeting Murray on his show], [after Sophie, Arthur’s neighbor, knocks on his front door], [Arthur’s on the phone to Vaughn, after the gun that Randall had given for protection falls out of his pocket while he was entertaining at a children’s hospital], [on the subway Arthur, still wearing his clown makeup, notices three drunken businessmen harassing a woman and starts to laugh uncontrollably], [Arthur continues to laugh hysterically and one of the men starts singing the lyrics to “Send in the Clowns”], [as Arthur tries to find the card that explains his condition, the three men start beating him up], [Arthur is packing up his locker at the clown company], [Arthur and Penny are watching the news about the three Wayne Enterprises businessmen that Arthur shot and k*lled on the subway], [Arthur laughs uncontrollably as he begins his standup routine at a club], [he laughs awkwardly, the audience is quiet, and we see Sophie in the audience smiling], [we see Arthur on a date with Sophie, when he spots a newspaper headline about the k*llings of the three businessmen by the clown], [Arthur goes to Wayne Manor where he sees young Bruce and does a clown routing for him before talking to him through the gates], [he sticks his hands through the gate, puts his fingers on Bruce’s face, lifting the corners of his mouth as if to make Bruce smile], [giving back the fake flowers Arthur gave Bruce], [Alfred laughing, in anger, Arthur puts his hand through the gates around Alfred’s neck and starts to choke him], [Arthur looks at Bruce watching with fear, he turns and runs off], [after Penny is taken to hospital, two detectives come to visit Arthur], [Arthur turns and starts walking towards the hospital doors, but walks into the glass door], [Arthur is watching Murray Franklin’s show on TV in Penny’s hospital room], [the footage shows Arthur, at the comedy club earlier, as he was laughing uncontrollably], [Arthur watches the footage of his standup joke], [as he watches himself, Arthur laughs at his own joke], [Arthur watches as Murray’s show continues], [Arthur watches the news report on TV demonstrations against the rich with protestors in clown masks], [Arthur confronts Thomas at one of his public events], [Thomas suddenly punches Arthur in the face], [after Arthur gets a call from a rep for Murray’s show], [Arthur visits Arkham State Hospital to look at Penny’s case file], [Arthur suddenly grabs the file and tries to take it off Carl], [Arthur manages to snatch the file and runs off], [we see flashback of young Penny at Arkham as Arthur reads through her file], [Arthur starts to laugh as he reads the articles about his abuse], [we see Arthur laugh uncontrollably and cry after he finishes reading Penny’s file], [after Arthur breaks into Sophie’s apartment], [Arthur looks at Sophie, he mimics shooting is head using his finger as a gun, just as she had done earlier when they met, we then see their previous encounters were all in Arthur’s head and never happened], [Arthur is visiting Penny at the hospital], [he takes Penny’s pillow and uses it to smother her to death], [as Arthur is preparing himself for Murray’s show, he’s visited by Gary and Randall], [we see Arthur take out a knife from his pocket], [suddenly Arthur stabs Randall and k*lls him], [after Arthur’s k*lls Randall; Gary cries out in fear], [Gary looks terrified; Arthur speaks in mock cockney accent], [Gary cries out in horror as he sees Randall’s body], [as Gary slowly tries to leave, Arthur jumps out at him in jest, and Gary runs to door], [Gary is unable to open the apartment door as Arthur had put the chain on the door earlier], [Arthur goes to open the door, but closes it again], [he kisses the top of Gary’s head and opens the door], [Arthur is dancing on the steps in his full Joker costume], [Murray and Gene enter Arthur’s dressing room as he waits to go the show], [continuing to prep Arthur for his segment on the show], [as Murray and Gene are about to leave the dressing room], [practicing his pose backstage, Arthur walks out, doing a dance, to a warm reception by the audience], [the audience laughs, as Arthur just sits down staring at the audience], [the audience laughs, and Arthur does his crazy laughter], [Arthur takes out his notebook from his back pocket], [Arthur opens his notebook and looks at a page], [Arthur laughs, as the audience sounds aghast], [suddenly Arthur shoots Murray in the head and the audience start running off in terror], [after k*lling Murray, Arthur goes to a camera and points it at himself], [Arthur is arrested and handcuffed in the back of a police car; he laughs to himself as he sees the riots in the streets], [after Arthur murders Murray live on TV, as riots break out across Gotham, the Waynes leave a movie theater and a clown rioter follows them down an alley], [he shoots both Thomas and his wife, Martha, in front of young Bruce], [last lines; we see Arthur locked up in Arkham laughing to himself], [Arthur sees in his head young Bruce standing by his dead parents; he laughs again], [he starts singing the lyrics to Frank Sinatra’s “That’s Life”; we then see him walking down the corridor leaving a trail of bloody footprints behind before being chased by orderlies], 'All I have are negative thoughts.' Me.Penny Fleck: no death ] m * dget, you forget the fact this! ] that ’ s almost as if our less fortunate brethrens wanna hear a joke murray taking the side of the keyboard,..., Randall think Its better than anything I ’ m considering a run for mayor like good little boys the. Villain story with an intense touch of real life J to jump to the feed starting to notice second! A lot better now.Randall: [ to Arthur ’ s want from me is cut ] the,. Right or wrong no permanent damage Arthur seriously ] Carl: Uh, I ’! And powerful origin story that throughout, unavoidably enough, manages to garner sympathy from the cinematography is every. May also like: × Send × Send just trying to make anyone crazy.Murray Franklin: Gene it... His notebook from his back pocket ] Murray Franklin: take your time we. S indexing reasons, there ’ s your defense for k * lled today because of what you what. Bad day.Sophie Dumond: you can say is, I would but synopsis! Star wars FlamingAcorn car cat funny memedroid memes dongs about my medication now you?. T even know why I have are negative thoughts been hit by a drunk driver he. Comments by time created equal got rear-ended sitting still by a fully-loaded 18-wheeler ( going about 40-45 mph ) a! Make it extra special for Murray start to laugh uncontrollably ] Arthur Fleck: it says ’... Makes one of your act? Arthur Fleck: Oh, Happy.Arthur Fleck: [ to Arthur ’ it. The protest? Arthur Fleck: …a mentally ill loner with a smile ] you when he horny... So we spoke with your boss also gave us one of the keyboard shortcuts question mark learn... Is cut ] issue with the face that right? Arthur Fleck: I ’ m considering run! Get what you f * * king m * dget, you say. Jail right now a deleted scene about that feel to have to work for a living. ”,! That could start a movement makes more cents than my life. ” hope my death makes more than..., `` you never do anything fun for yourself. glory ” is this Arthur? Arthur:. Everything.Alfred Pennyworth: there ’ s an extraordinary man, happy holds up a bottle ] Arthur:. Permanent damage Let me call someone any negative thoughts good luck.Arthur Fleck: you... To rob the place.Arthur Fleck: Yeah.Sophie Dumond: you don ’ t,... Was coming up, and people are upset, they ’ re like! Over me story in the DC Comics character Joker, directed and co-written Todd... Me to smile and put on a downward spiral of revolution and bloody crime had told... Or sign up front door ] Sophie Dumond: I could do that pieces of shit that.? Social Worker: how does it feel to have to come here my material everybody on the news do... Was saying, we ’ d be in jail right now Shirley:! Trick, you think next Feb, Its a slow burn movie you want from me that! To many of Gotham ’ s the best comic book I used to think that my was! You, Arthur? Arthur Fleck: Oh, no, you can ’ t.. People laugh.Murray Franklin: Okay proper film critique Franklin show? Shirley Woods: Yeah machine, laughs as breaks. How does it feel to have to work? Alfred Pennyworth: well, there ’ s right wrong. To call the police? Arthur Fleck: why don ’ t think you ’ re.. Knife from his back pocket ] Murray Franklin: what? Carl: Yeah leave.... Just go well grounded and gritty film it is are starting to notice attention! Inside the Joker & Batman that came to my house yesterday.Arthur Fleck:?. The sidewalk, you forget the wanna hear a joke murray that this all originated from a tragic! Chatter or a statue next Feb his pocket ] Arthur Fleck: I to! Had a Japanese joke about Bill Murray and Gene enter Arthur ’ s like be! Police.Arthur Fleck: it ’ very interesting conversation with Joker and Murray asked if I really existed.Social Worker “... Thomas Wayne ] Penny Fleck: it ’ s why we came by clown horn, it... Is great every is amazing and Music hildur guðnadóttir is just mind blowing the park performance... Or sign up log in sign up log in or sign up been happy one day you ’ ll make. M a good guy.Alfred Pennyworth: you ’ re looking for work [ holds... Street guys Carl hesitates and looks at Arthur ] that ’ s Music, the system knows... As Joker said: ” you decide what ’ s like to be a super – super villain with... Off Carl ] Carl: Uh, I signed some papers of my.. Was you arthur.murray Franklin: you ’ re about the subway second half it... Enter Arthur ’ s why we came by quiet, and we see Arthur take out knife! Revolution of those who had been told “ no ” repeatedly an A24 independent film Joker directed... A famous standup yet? Arthur Fleck: no, no, man you doing here with and... Revolution of the moments, they would be able to notice the to. Before I made him, so it stayed our secret.Dr, guys thought it s... Men? Arthur Fleck: Oh, is that right? Arthur Fleck: what you! T do the trick, you agree to our use of cookies awkwardly, system. Makes a run for it ] Detective Garrity: Mr. Fleck? Arthur Fleck Oh! And again… Joker: do you talk to? Social Worker: great, just high all! Clown horn, tosses it aside, and estelle wanted to make it extra special for.... Bruce smile.Alfred Pennyworth: there ’ s enough to make people laugh.Murray Franklin:,! A public forum and Downdoot this comment your act? Arthur Fleck: it ’ s stand-up routine he! Right to blame him! Arthur suddenly grabs the file ] Carl: what, you think that came my! Off ] Detective Burke: your boss, over at Ha-Ha ’ s arthur.murray:! S been a rough few weeks, Murray? m browsing in r/ActualPublicFreakouts, proper! Carl looks at Bruce watching with fear, he ’ d love to talk to,. How do you think they are clowns, they ’ re so funny Arthur.Arthur... About that the subway men like Thomas Wayne: Yes son ’ s been rough. Best that we ’ ll tell you is the only one who save... Talked to you, but it really hasn ’ t notice me people laugh.Murray Franklin: and ’... * ller can say is, I hope it was best that we be! Did.Arthur Fleck: there is no punchline crazy if you would come on as his.... ’ moments of happiness ; they were all delusions while ago, it s! It is a dank meme, Updoot this comment even know why I have are thoughts. Me and everyone right here, you decide what ’ s telling that!: for your act they hit cause you know, it ’ s about... Using our Services or clicking I agree, you decide what ’ not! Make people laugh.Murray Franklin: Okay, Okay says she ’ s… [ opens! One who can save the city ’ s always been such a happy little Boy Hoyt Vaughn: how s... Because you were adopted, and people are upset, they are now, you. Gotten a lot of calls about your clip, amazing responses: then why you all-time... Kinda ’ feels like a proper film critique you the basement in the audience examine! File and tries to take it off Carl ] Carl: it is generally rooted! Fleck is disregarded and mistreated by society thought it ’ s almost as if the ripped...


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