white nights kdrama
the drama, i think, could have been better with only 16 episodes. Lots and lots of psychological warfare over business matters. window.W4GRB = new Object(); This is really one of the best drama series I have ever watched TBH!!!! I'm so waiting for this drama because of Lee Yo Won! No way would an inexperienced con girl get to run in the same circles with the chaebol. It's been a long time since You're Beautiful but it can be something else. Ngoc Jan 18 2017 8:43 pm Byakuyakou [Autre adaptation] Film asiatique. I am so glad i can see uee acting again. sam Dec 14 2017 11:40 pm Jesus, people only watch dramas because of the good looking guys? There is theories on the Yikung being a lesbian but I don't think that is the case, she can be strong and independent without liking women. I couldnt tell if sejin admired her boss or had a crush on her jeez. For Seo Yi-Kyung (Lee Yo-Won), money is power. These women are grabbing what they want, when they want it, by any means necessary. Seo Yi-Kyung ambitiously wants to build her own empire. for that day according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson. I don’t understand why this drama have a low ratings coz this is good. Made you think the whole way thru. greedisnotasin Jan 03 2017 9:25 pm W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); Such script is only ruining LYW and other casts image. The more I see it the more irritating her Is it just me? Shelleeeeeeeeee Dec 09 2016 12:10 am FINALLY!!! Most of actors are senior actors. Predicting this, Yi-kyung prepares to end the battle once and for all. White Nights (2016) Drama 1h User Score. I can't take it huhu, Ikram Sep 13 2016 1:04 am Can't help but notice that she's Yi kyung again in this drama! overall, this drama is great! This essentially makes them rather unpredictable, and keeps the attentive viewer on their toes. so ridiculous. How about this one? By hiring hackers, he plans to break into Gallery S's computer system. Love all the cast. Interesting drama, some parts were draggy and confusing but the storyline was refreshing. Money, money and more money. We don't have any reviews for White Nights. Solid script, & the theme is fresh. Flashback to a week earlier, the two women meet for the first time at a charity auction. Uee is in it so surely i will watch . Another thing I enjoy about this drama is the fashion. We watch this drama using laptop but rating. i want to see what could his acting has a same class with Jin Goo Shin Nov 08 2016 6:09 pm Regarding the ending of the drama (no spoilers, I promise), I can only say that each character got what they deserved. miranda Sep 19 2016 10:44 pm Very smart script! Jingoo Oppa !!!!! Plus, they're not waiting for "permission" to get ahead, to be ambitious, as I feel so many of the females are in dramas. Which is probably something his fans should be thankful for, cos he isn't shallow? I love the chemistry between 2 female leads, how after each conflict they see more a version of themselves in each other, shaken by the differences in moral values yet still can't pull away. Everyone teamed up with each other and then turned on each other. I don't want you to play as a secondary role since Lee Yo Won is definitely will be playing the female lead if she were to accept the offer. I usually go for rom coms but since i like the lead actresses i gave it a shot. I know she lost a lot of weight, but she was already skinny in High Society and Marriage Contract, but her face is still recognizable as UEE who I first watched in You're Beautiful. Action film star, Jin Goo, finally not doing an action movie or drama, eh? sama Sep 22 2016 1:34 am All fan. Why involve it's not like she's harming her and her love ones. I could less about that guy, give me more Yi Kyung and Se Jin romance! This is not for you. Release year: 2016. I like handsome guys, but this can't be the only reason to watch a drama. Lee yo won so cool and im love her in N/l drama. ilusm Sep 22 2016 7:13 am Please faster.... 思媚 Nov 14 2016 10:03 pm Love all the cast❤but love uee more❤❤❤21 november, chen ana Nov 17 2016 7:25 pm NL Apr 27 2017 2:53 am lrt Feb 08 2017 12:32 pm It’s amazing. Lee Se-Jin (Uee) is a hardworking, street-smart girl trying to make ends meet. No action scenes purely a battle of schemes.


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